Japan Art and Mount Fuji

Japan Art and Mount Fuji

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

All three prints focus on Mount Fuji – a very iconic mountain in Japan and known internationally.

Above is a stunning print by Kawase Hasui (1883-1957). He belongs to the world of Shin-Hanga (New Prints). Throughout his life, he witnessed enormous changes that engulfed Japan.

The Virginia Art Museum says, “Born in Tokyo, Kawase Hasui was a master of Japanese landscape prints. He began his journey as an illustrator for books and magazines but soon discovered his heart belonged to printmaking. In 1918, he began creating Shin-hanga (new prints) and designed more than 600 prints during the following 40 years.”

Katsukawa Shunzan was active in printmaking between 1782 and 1798. Yet his exact birth and death are unknown and open to various speculation.

His name implies that he belonged to the Katsukawa School of Art. His mentors include Katsukawa Shunsho and Torii Kiyonaga.

Koichi Okumura (1904-1974) was a print designer and highly acclaimed landscape artist. He was born in the city of Kyoto – which is known for Japanese high culture.

The tranquility of Mount Fuji above is magnified to a more significant meaning. Accordingly, the stunning evening glow of Mount Fuji warms the heart of all who view this fantastic art piece by Okumura.

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