Japan Earthquake Deaths Reach 84 (Ishikawa Prefecture)

Japan Earthquake Deaths Reach 84 (Ishikawa Prefecture)

Sawako Utsumi and Michiyo Tanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

Deaths from the 7.6 earthquake that hit central Japan have now reached 84. On top of this, over two hundred people in Ishikawa prefecture remain unaccounted for.

The severity of the crisis entails that 4,600 members of the armed forces are now helping in search and rescue missions. This is a sharp increase from the initial 1,000 sent to support the emergency services.

Some people are stranded in parts of Suzu and Wajima in Ishikawa prefecture.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan said, “This is a very difficult situation. But from the viewpoint of protecting lives, I ask that you make every effort to save and rescue as many lives as possible by this evening, when the critical 72 hours of the disaster will have passed.”

People from Wajima also fled when evacuation warnings were expressed concerning a possible tsunami. Accordingly, along with the devastation of the earthquake that hit Wajima, the town looks ghost-like.

The BBC reports, “According to the mayor of Suzu, a town with a population of about 13,000, almost none of its houses are standing. Around 90% are completely or almost completely collapsed, Masuhiro Izumiya said.”

Deaths are highest in Wajima (48) and Suzu (23). The other deaths were reported in Nanao (5), Anamizu (4), Noto (2), Hakui (1), and Shika (1).

Each ticking hour makes it less likely to find survivors under the rubble.

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