Pope Calls for the Protection of Christians in Eastern DRC (ADF Islamists)

Pope Calls for the Protection of Christians in Eastern DRC (ADF Islamists)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Roman Catholics, called for the protection of civilians in eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

His reference was aimed at the bloodletting of the Islamist forces of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). In North Kivu, the ADF continues to butcher Christian civilians continuously.

The Pope said, “I appeal to national authorities and the international community to do everything possible to stop the violence and safeguard the lives of civilians.”

In Nigeria, various Islamic forces also relentlessly kill Christians. The same is witnessed in other countries – for example, Islamists target Christians in northern Mozambique.

The Pope said Christians “are martyrs” in eastern parts of the DRC.

Voice of America reports, “Pope Francis on Sunday pleaded for an end to violence and civilian deaths in North Kivu, a conflict-stricken province in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.”

The Pope continued, “Painful news continues to arrive of attacks and massacres carried out in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Islamists belonging to the ADF pledge loyalty to ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in the DRC. Hence, Christians are burnt alive and hacked to death with machetes by Islamists in eastern parts of this county – and other brutal ADF methods of killing innocent Christians.

Leon Kakule Siviwe (District official – North Kivu province) said concerning a recent massacre of 38 people in North Kivuv that the ADF came to “slaughter the population when there were no soldiers in place.”

A Christian leader in Butembo (Mulinde Esemo) said Islamic terrorists in the DRC were killing Christians – like people butcher animals. 

Mulinde Esemo said, “We are living in a very tense situation here in Eastern DRC, both in towns and in the villages. Scores of (Christian) believers have been killed in cold blood by the ADF (Islamic) rebels. It is a massacre like one killing animals.” 

Sadly, the DRC is blighted by various wars in North Kivu and Ituri – and the spreading of chaos to parts of South Kivu. Accordingly, approximately 7 million people are internally displaced.

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