Putin says Kurile is an Ideal Place to Check the United States in the Far East: Independent Japan?

Putin says Kurile is an Ideal Place to Check the United States in the Far East: Independent Japan?

Galina Zobova, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Russian Federation is alarmed by America spreading part of its anti-missile system to Alaska and South Korea. This follows on from anti-Russian Federation actions by NATO that are enacting a new Cold War based on mass propaganda and militarization to border areas – and other intrigues in Europe. Hence, Japan will continue to pay a price based on China and the Russian Federation deeming this nation to be “a useful tool” for elites in Washington.

It is known that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is keen to improve relations with the Russian Federation but he is being contained by America and elements within the ruling political party. In other words, the territorial issue involving Japan and the Russian Federation is likely to be piecemeal at best under the prevailing conditions. After all, America is focused on upping the ante against China and the Russian Federation by stealth and this means that Japan will be at odds with two major powers in the Far East and Northeast Asia.

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation voiced his concerns about the latest policy agenda of America. Reuters reports, He said Moscow was particularly alarmed by the deployment of the U.S. THAAD anti-missile system to South Korea to counter a North Korean missile threat and to reported U.S. plans to beef up Fort Greely in Alaska, a launch site for anti-ballistic missiles.”

According to Putin the current policy of America is based on utilizing North Korea, just like Iran, and fused with daily anti-Russian Federation propaganda. The end results being the expansion of America’s objective in Europe – while hoping to replicate this reality against the Russian Federation in the Far East – and equally aimed at China in Northeast Asia.

Putin said, What is happening is a very serious and alarming process. In Alaska, and now in South Korea, elements of the anti-missile defense system are emerging. Should we just stand idly by and watch this? Of course not. We are thinking about how to respond to these challenges. This is a challenge for us.”

Alarmingly for Japan, Putin is making it known that the Kurile Islands (Northern Territories in Japan) is an ideal place to counteract Washington’s policy of containing – and intimidating – the Russian Federation. Sadly, with Japan not making any concrete proposals aimed at preventing America from utilizing northern Japan – and disputed territory between both nations if an agreement was made between the political elites of Moscow and Tokyo – then the end result is negative for Japan. This applies to the Russian Federation increasing its military systems in delicate geopolitical regions for Japan in areas that are disputed. Therefore, Japan is handing over its national self-interests to the whims of Washington – while remarkably claiming to support a nationalist objective within the ruling political party of this nation.

Reuters reports, “Putin said the Kurile Islands, a chain of islands in the Far East where Moscow and Tokyo have rival territorial claims, were “quite a convenient place” to deploy Russian military hardware to respond to such threats.”

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated, Yet with Japan reiterating an anti-Russian Federation approach towards complex issues in the Crimea and Ukraine, talking about the THAAD system, and flouting that American military bases may be deemed permissible in the future in the vicinity of the Kurile Islands – then it doesn’t bode well that Putin can pander to such a negative approach. Indeed, it is ironic that the same Japan is so compliant on the whole towards the foreign policy objectives of America but remains tenacious towards the Russian Federation – despite Abe being more open than others within the upper echelons of this nation.”

Japan must genuinely ask the question if this nation seeks either independence, to play a regional role with all leading powers including China and the Russian Federation while maintaining powerful relations with America, to possibly be an honest broker once America stops pulling the strings – or, if Japan will remain a useful geopolitical reality for the intrigues of America decade after decade?




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