U.K. to Hide Terror Funding Inquiry that Hints at Saudi Arabia: Prime Minister May or Tim Farron?

U.K. to Hide Terror Funding Inquiry that Hints at Saudi Arabia: Prime Minister May or Tim Farron?

Kanako Itamae and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Liberal Democrats agreed to a trade-off with the Conservative Party under the leadership of the former Prime Minister David Cameron, prior to him resigning over the Brexit vote. This deal led to the Liberal Democrats supporting the extension of military strikes against ISIS (Islamic State – IS) to the nation of Syria. In return, the Conservative Party agreed to an inquiry into terrorist and extremist funding in order to placate the Liberal Democrats. However, after an extensive inquiry, it now appears that Prime Minister Theresa May seeks to bury the Home Office report based on the findings that implicate Saudi Arabia.

It seems alarming that after recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, that May would seek to cover-up such important findings. Yet, May, just like President Donald Trump in America and countless other Western leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, seems to be chasing Gulf petrodollars. Hence, the political leaders of America, Germany, and the United Kingdom (UK) – and countless other nations – are tolerating Sunni Islamism to spread internally based on shortsighted economic policies that appease Gulf petrodollars.

Tim Farron, the current leader of the Liberal Democrats, is alarmed that the Conservative Party appears to seek to brush the terrorist and extremist inquiry under the carpet. Given this, it now seems that May is tainted by her reluctance to allow the Home Office findings to be published. In other words, at a time when a Sunni Islamist terrorist just killed so many people in Manchester, the current leader of the UK is reluctant to highlight where many channels of Sunni Islamism is emanating from.

Farron said, “If the Conservatives are serious about stopping terrorism on our shores, they must stop stalling and reopen investigation into foreign funding of violent extremism in the UK.”

It should be noted that Farron is liberal in terms of immigration and supporting multi-cultural values that he deems to be in the national interest of the UK. Yet, ironically, the Conservative Party that declares itself to be tough on national security issues now appears to be the weak chain in the link. This reality needs to be exposed because it seems that May seeks to bury the inquiry unless internal and external pressure is put on the current leader of the UK – or if certain players within MI5 and MI6 bring May to her senses, by expressing the need to focus on the implications of the inquiry.

Farron further expressed his dismay by stating this “… short-sighted approach needs to change. It is critical that these extreme, hardline views are confronted head on, and that those who fund them are called out publicly.”

The Guardian reports, The Observer reported in January last year that the Home Office’s extremism analysis unit had been directed by Downing Street to investigate overseas funding of extremist groups in the UK, with findings to be shown to Theresa May, then home secretary, and Cameron.”

The foreign affairs spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, Tom Brake, said, As home secretary at the time, your department was one of those leading on the report. Eighteen months later, and following two horrific terrorist attacks by British-born citizens, that report still remains incomplete and unpublished.”

Newsweek reports, “The results of a government-sponsored inquiry into the sources of funding for Islamist militant groups operating in the U.K. may be kept hidden forever due to the nature of its findings, the U.K.’s Home Office has said, according to local media.”

In other words, with part of the findings focusing on the role of Saudi Arabia – irrespective if this is governmental, specific militant Salafi mosques in Saudi Arabia funding British mosques or wealthy individuals from this nation, the point is that Saudi Arabia is a problem. Similar issues apply to the growth of radicalism in the Balkans and other parts of Europe, for example, Germany. Therefore, more pressure must be put on May – or the next leader of the UK after upcoming elections – in order to tackle the growing menace of militant Sunni Islamism in the UK.




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