Tokyo tourism: Senzokuike Pond, Nichiren, and the backdrop of Shintoism

Tokyo tourism: Senzokuike Pond, Nichiren, and the backdrop of Shintoism

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Senzokuike Pond (Senzoku-ike) is a lovely place to visit in Tokyo. Indeed, the relaxing pond is enhanced by the Buddhist and Shinto angles related to history and the scenery. Thus, Shinto shrines and themes dot the landscape along with the special connection to the holy Buddhist priest Nichiren Shonin (1222-1282).

Nichiren is said to have washed his feet in the pond and many Buddhist priests followed this tradition. Hence, the name Senzoku means “washing your feet.”

Nichiren did this while on his way to the Ikegami Temple. Thus, for pilgrims and tourists alike, a visit to Senzokuike Pond and the Ikegami Honmonji Temple via the Tokyu Ikegami Train Line are a lovely combination. This concerns the angles of nature and spirituality.

Interestingly, despite the connection of the pond with Nichiren, this pond is blessed by the Shinto angle. Therefore, the lovely fusions of Buddhism, Shintoism, and nature come alive during a visit to both places.

Overall, the Senzokuike Pond is a lovely place to relax and is rewarded by the dual visit to the Ikegami Honmonji Temple and other areas related to culture, spirituality, and tourism.



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