Italy Covid-19 deaths reach 100,000: Heavy toll on the elderly

Italy Covid-19 deaths reach 100,000: Heavy toll on the elderly

Kanako Mita and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) death toll will hit 100,000 in Italy within hours. Hence, like the United Kingdom with just under 125,000 deaths, the grim statistic of 100,000 deaths will be reached. Therefore, with deaths still remaining high in Italy, it is clear that the deaths will continue to flow from coronavirus until vaccines make inroads.

Like other European nations, the death toll among those over 80 years-of-age is extremely high. Thus, 60 percent of all coronavirus deaths in Italy belong to this age group despite only comprising 7 percent of the population of Italy.

Italy was the first nation to be devastated by the coronavirus in Europe. Yet, despite the longevity of coronavirus in Italy, deaths still remain high in early 2021. Therefore, many elderly citizens not only fear death from coronavirus but also endless periods of isolation.

Lombardy, with just under 29,000 deaths, was hit the hardest. Other areas, including Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, and Veneto, have all suffered between 9,400 and 10,700 deaths respectively. Hence, northern Italy is especially bearing the brunt of the coronavirus crisis.

The BBC reports, “Italians were initially frightened into uncharacteristic obedience, says BBC Rome correspondent Mark Lowen. They were the first to be crushed by the virus, the first to see intensive care units close to collapse, and friends and family dying. Very widespread respect for restrictions began to change with the second wave, with some protests against renewed lockdowns, given the fear and fatigue.”

Overall, with deaths still running into several hundred per day and much higher in the first few months of early 2021, the coronavirus is still taking a heavy toll on the elderly in Italy. Of course, deaths occur in the wider society based on various factors related to high-risk groups. However, the enormous mental burden on the elderly and family members – and friends – remains horrendous because of the longevity of coronavirus in Italy.


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