1,000 Killed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and Allies: America, Iran, Syria and the Shia

1,000 Killed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and Allies: America, Iran, Syria and the Shia

Ramazan Khalidov, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


America, Iran, the Russian Federation, and other powerful nations, are involved in trying to solve the nuclear issue. At the same time, the role of Iran on the ground in Iraq is growing in importance because of the utter barbarity of ISIS (Islamic State). Therefore, despite the estranged policy of the current American administration throughout the Middle East and North Africa, it would appear to be self defeating for President Obama to give carte blanche to Saudi Arabia in its attack against one of the poorest nations in the world. However, currently it looks like Obama is once more muddling his way into another self-defeating adventure that will do nothing for stability.

Every day more brutal news is reaching the outside world whereby failed states are blighted by an array of different terrorist and sectarian forces that butcher in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Syria is still bravely fighting a “War of Liberation” because of the meddling of nations like America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Eric Schmitt and Michael R. Gordon at the New York Times state: Hundreds of Saudi airstrikes have destroyed military installations around the country — including those belonging to counterterrorism troops trained by the United States — and, frequently, have killed or wounded Yemeni civilians.”

The same source states nearly 1,000 people have perished since Saudi Arabia – and fellow Sunni Muslim allied nations – began to target the Shia Houthis and other forces fighting alongside this movement. At the same time, the United Nations says that approximately 150,000 Yemeni citizens have fled their homes because of the growing escalation of the conflict by the Saudi Arabia led alliance.

Media coverage throughout the Gulf and in major Western nations is one of hypocrisy. After all, Syria is condemned for defending itself against al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS – and countless other terrorist and Takfiri forces – yet, Saudi Arabia is allowed to bomb an independent state.

Civilians in Yemen are now dying in increasing numbers because of the Saudi Arabia led coalition. Indeed, the sheer brutality of the bombing is clear because Oxfam was bombed despite its warehouse serving “no military purpose” according to this organization. On top of this, the International Medical Corps had six workers injured in Sana because of the intrigues of Riyadh and other allies. This reality, along with schools being hit and the infrastructure being targeted, shows that Saudi Arabia is being given carte blanche to kill and destroy.

Modern Tokyo Times in a past article stated:The governments of America and France have decided to support Saudi Arabia in its bombing of innocent civilians in Yemen. At the same time, regional Sunni Muslim dominated nations have also joined in the indiscriminate killing of Yemeni nationals based on the anti-Shia menace of Saudi Arabia. After all, events in Syria highlight the hatred of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar towards multi-religious Syria. Similarly, events in Bahrain whereby the Shia suffer systematic persecution, is being met by more support and interference by outside nations in maintaining this reality.”

In Iraq and Syria various al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS are slaughtering the Alawites (Syria), Christians (Iraq and Syria), Shabaks (Iraq), the Shia (Iraq and Syria) and the Yazidis (Iraq). Not only this, indigenous Sunni Muslim religious leaders that support the mosaic – and who do not conform to Salafi and Takfiri Islamist mindsets – are also being killed by Gulf versions of “year Takfiri zero.” Therefore, why America and France want to be associated with the massacre of Shia Muslims and other Yemeni nationals is incomprehensible.

Iran is also helping Iraq to fight the brutal menace of ISIS based on economic, political and military support. Indeed, if Iran had not stepped in when ISIS threatened to overrun even more parts of Iraq then clearly the bloodbath would have been even more alarming. Also, the assistance of Iran in helping the religious mosaic in Syria to survive means that political elites in Tehran are determined to stabilize the Levant.

Compare this with the utter mayhem that Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are unleashing against Syria, then obviously elites in Tehran must be listened to by Washington. Indeed, Libya is also being destabilized even more by the policies of Qatar and Turkey that are assisting Islamist terrorist forces and the Muslim Brotherhood regionally. Therefore, America must focus on the bigger picture or be associated with forces that are anti-Christian, (Iraq and Syria), anti-Shia (Iraq, Syria and Yemen), anti-Alawite (Syria) and anti-mosaic.

Modern Tokyo Times stated recently: “Iran also must question the recent thaw in relations with the Obama administration. After all, Shia Muslims are being butchered in vast numbers in Iraq because of the intrigues of various Gulf powers. Now, it appears that Shia Houthis in Yemen are also expendable to Gulf powers and Turkey. On top of this, various Takfiri Sunni sectarian forces threaten Christians, Alawites and the Shia in Syria. Therefore, how can political leaders in Tehran and Washington deal over important issues like the nuclear issue given the anti-Shia intrigues throughout the region – and with Obama placating this on the whole, apart from in Iraq where America relies on Iran in stemming the ISIS tide.”

Given the above reality, then will the real Obama administration stand up because all and sundry are confused. In the meantime, the Shia and people of Yemen are being bombed by the most draconian nation in the world.



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