ADF Islamists kill at least 15 Christians in DRC amid M23 tensions

ADF Islamists kill at least 15 Christians in DRC amid M23 tensions

Murad Makhmudov and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have butchered another 15 Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This Islamist group originates from Uganda. However, the majority of ADF massacres occur in the DRC. This relates to central forces in this nation being weaker than Uganda.

The latest terrorist attack took place in the village of Bulongo in the province of North Kivu. Hence, innocent Christians were butchered once more by the ADF.

Reuters reports, “The ADF is a Ugandan militia that has been active in eastern Congo since the 1990s and killed scores of civilians, many in middle-of-the-night attacks carried out with machetes and hatchets. It pledged alliance to Islamic State in 2019.”

M23 insurgents – and other militias in the DRC – are also causing mayhem. Hence, the ADF, M23, and a plethora of ethnic, sectarian, and regional issues blight certain parts of the DRC.

The DRC accuses Rwanda of supporting the M23 insurgency. Thus recent tensions are alarming many members of the African Union (AU). Therefore, the AU is calling on all parties to reduce tensions.

Voice of America reports, “The Congolese army, with the help of the U.N. peacekeeping force MONUSCO, recently repelled a rebel advance on the city of Goma. The reports say M23 fighters have now returned to their hideouts near the border with Uganda.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “Internally, the DRC is blighted by over 5.5 million refugees. Hence, recent ethnic massacres, ADF terrorist attacks, M23 insurgents – and other negative factors – are all putting an enormous strain on the DRC.”


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