Afghanistan and More International Aid: Taliban to Kabul Leaders Oppose Religious and Female Freedom

Afghanistan and More International Aid: Taliban to Kabul Leaders Oppose Religious and Female Freedom

Ramazan Khalidov, Michiyo Tanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Once more many nations will pledge major financial support to the government of Afghanistan and like usual little strings will be attached. In other words, irrespective if it is the anti-non-Muslim and anti-Shia sectarians of the Taliban (Taleban) – or the corrupt government of Afghanistan that is also anti-non-Muslim, more taxpayers money will be wasted on a nation where women suffer by both sides. Therefore, after decades of persistent failure based on entrenching the Sunni Islamization of society to a much higher degree, the money just keeps on flowing despite little signs of society opening up.

Irrespective if it is the government of Afghanistan – or the Taliban – the difference between both sides isn’t that noticeable, apart from one being an international begging bowl. Apostates from Islam or women who seek to dress how they desire will equally face persecution even if the degree may vary. In other words, the Taliban will stone the apostate to death within moments, while the government will send to prison because of needing international aid. Similarly, women face death and ill-treatment without legal protection throughout the majority of Afghanistan.


Afghan converts to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and other faiths, also face systematic persecution at the hands of ordinary Afghans outside of Afghanistan, for example, in nations like Pakistan. This isn’t unique because in Somalia the al-Shabaab (al-Shabab) supports killing all apostates to the Christian faith in this country. Therefore, Somali converts to Christianity face death at the hands of Sunni Islamists in northern Kenya, in refugee areas. It is, therefore, imperative that conservative Sunni Islamic dogma in Afghanistan is challenged. If not, then the next generation will be lost, therefore, what is the point of spending endless billions of dollars if the only outcome is installing “a lesser Taliban” government?

It begs the question why international donors are not seeking genuine reforms because how many years does it take before action is taken? On the contrary, the freedoms that women had in the past prior to Gulf and Western meddling in the 1980s, especially in major cities including the capital Kabul, is going backward because Sunni Islamization is dominating all aspects of society. In other words, indigenous Sunni Islam became radicalized by Gulf petrodollars, the intrigues of Pakistan, and the utter callousness of nations including America and the United Kingdom who turned a blind eye in order to uproot communism (women had growing rights and land redistribution from traditional landlords was a target) in the 1980s and early 1990s.


In a past article, Modern Tokyo Times said, “Secularism, credit unions to help business initiatives, a growing liberal media network, a judiciary that is free from religious dogma, and an educational system based on more moderate values are all needed. Of course, other important areas need changing and this applies to restrictions on dress and challenging the power base of traditional rulers who care little about modernity. At the same time, corruption needs to be challenged because this is playing into the hands of the Taliban. Despite this, America, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom – and other nations providing economic support to Afghanistan – have done little to alter the status quo. Indeed, so-called progressive nations are maintaining a brutal conservative order that crushes all notions of equality in Afghanistan.”

If the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban desire a permanent “Sunni Islamist year zero,” where narcotics are freely available throughout society, then let this nation decide its own fate. Therefore, it is time to either seek genuine change in Afghanistan whereby moderate Sunni forces and secular inroads are supported – or, it is time to stop wasting taxpayers money on a nation that is based on state-sanctioned institutional hatred – and sectarian terrorist forces – that both seek to crush alternative thought patterns. (Article about apostates in Afghanistan)   (Woman and daughter stoned to death)


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