America, China and Russia are Paper Tigers: Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen are Fighting for Survival

America, China and Russia are Paper Tigers: Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen are Fighting for Survival

Murad Makhmudov, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The nations of America, China and the Russian Federation are “little mice” that embroil themselves in various intrigues. Of course, each nation doesn’t want to confront the other so naturally they either support various proxies, or like China they just ignore any international obligations that they have. Therefore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey can keep on setting fires in parts of the Balkans, North Africa, Eastern Africa and the Middle East at the drop of the hat. After all, the United Nations doesn’t appear to be too concerned by “the right side” that sponsors sectarianism, destabilization and sectarianism. Also, all too often nations like America, France and the United Kingdom are in the vanguard of these same sinister forces.

Of course, America, unlike China and the Russian Federation, does involve itself just like France to a lesser degree in countless conflicts. Yet the new American doctrine is that the armed forces of this nation can’t be trusted after the debacle of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Therefore, it is time for America to fully support various proxies – or to allow nations like Iran to fill the vacuum in Iraq because of the fear that exists in Washington.

Irrespective of the sinister role of America in various conflicts that led to failed states, an enormous terrorist vacuum, increased loss of life, poverty and rampant Takfiri gains, the Obama administration is at pains to do just a little against ISIS (Islamic State – IS) for public consumption. China and Russia, just like the new brutal war being unleashed by the Saudi led coalition against the Shia in Yemen, are both “little mice” that fear upsetting Gulf monarchs too much. Also, trade is the main priority, even if Russia does talk endlessly about ceasefires and so forth. After all, the reality is that Takfiris, terrorists and sectarians are being armed by Gulf powers and Turkey irrespective of what Moscow says.

If the Russian Federation is so concerned about the crisis in Syria then surely Moscow should show that it means business. In other words, covert special military forces, given the Chechen Islamist and Caucasus angle, along with powerful military arms being sent to the armed forces of Syria. Similarly, in the crisis in the Ukraine the Russian Federation is obligated to help Russian nationals that fear enormous persecution at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists based in Kiev. Instead, Moscow weaves a dance and America does the same thereby proxies on each side are fighting each other.

Qatar and Turkey also continue to meddle in Libya after various NATO led nations bombed this nation from the air, while various terrorist groups and militias fought Gaddafi loyalists on the ground. The upshot of this being a failed state, the growing rise of Takfiri Islamist groups that behead Christians, the destruction of Sufi shrines and the increasing propagation of Salafi Islam that threatens indigenous Sunni Islam.

ISIS and various al-Qaeda groups – and other terrorist militias and mercenaries – threaten the nation states of Iraq and Syria. Despite this, China and the Russian Federation are on the sidelines militarily and politically because nothing to any major degree is being done to nations that are sponsoring this. This reality means that China and the Russian Federation are more concerned about respective trade issues with Gulf powers and Turkey. Sadly, this reality bodes ill for Syria because only Iran is really helping based on continuing support in various areas and of course Hezbollah is boosting the armed forces of Syria because this movement knows that Lebanon will be next if Syria falls.

In modern day Iraq and Syria it is open season on all non-Salafi and non-Takfiri religious groups that don’t follow the demands of ISIS. This applies to non-Muslims paying jizya and for Alawites (Syria) and the Shia they are deemed apostates. Similarly, indigenous Sunni Muslims opposed to Salafi mindsets face being persecuted and killed for they are also deemed to be apostates. Despite this, Beijing and Moscow are doing zilch while America appears to be bombing unimportant areas because power bases of ISIS in Iraq and Syria are not being targeted to any major degree.

Shamelessly, when the Kurds faced ethnic and religious massacres (most Kurds are Sunni Muslim but their beliefs are deemed to be too liberal according to ISIS) in various part of Northern Syria then it was left to women, students and elderly residents to defend themselves. At least the US did some bombing from the skies but on the ground no major power did anything. Therefore, the “collective trinity of Paper Tigers” just view and do little – while civilization and religious groups are being obliterated from the face of this earth – because the “collective trinity of Paper Tigers” in Beijing, Moscow and Washington have given up the ghost.

Christians are being systematically cleansed in Iraq and now the Shia Houthis in Yemen are being killed openly by the Saudi led coalition. At the same time, Shabaks and Yazidis are being sold into slavery, and this includes sexual slavery, by ISIS. Meanwhile in Libya indigenous Sufi Islam is deemed to be apostasy by Salafi fanatics and now the ISIS sword is beheading Christians and black African migrants openly in this nation. On top of this, indigenous Sunni Muslim leaders that support diversity face the same Salafi and Takfiri sword.

America still meddles negatively compared with the sheepishness of Beijing and Moscow therefore Washington doesn’t fear any counter-attack. Indeed, only small rocks, persecuting the Buddhists of Tibet, undermining the Muslims of Xinjiang and grabbing all of the South China Sea concerns Beijing. Likewise, the Russian Federation will not tolerate meddling in its own back yard and this is clearly visible in Crimea, Abkhazia and North Ossetia.

Alas, this means more death and destruction in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. After all, America is usually on the wrong side of history, while Beijing and Moscow don’t really care enough to challenge the aggressive posture of Gulf powers, NATO, the United States and Turkey. Also, the new America under Obama loathes to embroil the military after recent failures therefore he supports various proxies and allows the meddling of sinister forces in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Therefore, the body bags keep on increasing, religious minorities keep on being cleansed, ancient archeology is being dismantled by ISIS and other Takfiri groups, religious groups like the Yazidis and Shabaks are being sold into slavery. However, despite this reality the elites in Beijing, Moscow and Washington just abide by their “collective Paper Tiger” status.


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