America, France, and the United Kingdom target Syria based on the terrorist narrative

America, France, and the United Kingdom target Syria based on the terrorist narrative

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Syrian armed forces and the military government infrastructure is now being bombed and targeted by the armed forces of America, France, and the United Kingdom. Of course, it makes no sense for the Syrian armed forces to give a pretext for the usual nations to break international law. After all, areas in the environs of Eastern Ghouta were finally becoming secured by the armed forces of Syria. Therefore, why use chemicals when Sunni Islamist terrorists had agreed to capitulate and leave the area?

Hence, the Russian Federation is making it known that the “false flag” is just a petty excuse to attack the armed forces of Syria. Equally important, the “false flag” can spread enormous negative propaganda against the Russian Federation and Iran. Also, the anti-Syrian government narrative is hiding the reality that it is the armed forces of Syria that are protecting all citizens who oppose Sunni Islamist terrorism. In other words, minority religious groups, including Christians, have fled to Syrian government-held areas. However, just like Northern Cyprus, Kosovo, and Iraq, the Christian angle is always ignored.

President Donald Trump happens to be highlighting the shallowness of major Western powers; this notably applies to America, France, and the United Kingdom. After all, the same nations have no qualms in selling more military arms to Saudi Arabia despite the Saudi-led alliance being responsible for millions of people suffering from malnutrition and cholera in Yemen. Therefore, it is galling to listen to the leaders of these nations claiming the moral high ground because nations like Libya have been left to rot.

Another angle is that the Trump administration wants to humiliate the Russian Federation and Iran. This is based on showing the impotence of both nations in Syria when faced by Western powers. After all, the Trump administration believes that the Russian Federation and Iran will do little in retaliation. Of course, this angle remains unknown and much depends on the severity of the attack and if the armed forces of both nations are deliberately attacked.

Either way, it is high time for the Russian Federation to realize that the Trump administration is a loose cannon and that the estranged nature of the current leader of America needs to be confronted on various levels. Similarly, China should note the destabilizing policies of the usual Western nations, whereby France and the United Kingdom hide behind the military prowess of America.

Reuters reports, “U.S. President Donald Trump announced the military action from the White House late on Friday. As he spoke, explosions rocked Damascus. British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron said the UK and France had joined in the attack.”

Once more, the usual nations are targeting a nation that opposes the same Sunni Islamist terrorism that is killing on the streets of Europe. It remains to be seen how substantial the bombing will be because Israel often bombs targeted areas in Syria. At the same time, the armed forces of NATO Turkey are utilizing various Sunni Islamist forces along with the remnants of the anti-Christian and anti-Alawite Free Syrian Army, that is known for brutal massacres against religious minorities.

If the bombing is limited and the latest bombing of Syria doesn’t engulf the armed forces of the Russian Federation, then containment will remain. Yet, even if containment is maintained, the fact remains that endless Russophobia is now out of control in America and the United Kingdom. Therefore, political elites in the Russian Federation need to take measures to counteract hostile forces.

Trump said, “To Iran and to Russia, I ask, what kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children?” The same Trump should ask himself, “Who wants to be equated to the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children – and be associated with millions of people being blighted by malnutrition and cholera in Yemen?”

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