America seeks help from Saudi: The unscrupulous Democratic Party (Yemen)

America seeks help from Saudi: The unscrupulous Democratic Party (Yemen)

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

America, the European Union, Japan, and NATO powers understand that their economic and military intrigues against the Russian Federation are backfiring. Instead, they are putting enormous strains on the global economy, and recent military successes by the Russian Federation – throughout the entire Donbas region (Russian ethnic and mainly Russian speaking area) and adjacent areas – undermines the folly of their collective intrigues given the countless wars that America involved itself in without the slightest fear of international sanctions.

President Joe Biden – and others within his administration and fellow party members – rebuked Saudi Arabia concerning the Jamal Khashoggi affair. Biden said, “They have to be held accountable” and treated like a “pariah” state. However, similar to the Biden administration putting feelers out to Venezuela, it now appears that the Democratic Party will do the same to Saudi Arabia.

Modern Tokyo Times – concerning Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – said last year, “The Crown Prince is a reformist concerning the modernization of the economy, the role of women in society, non-Muslim faiths, and returning Saudi Arabia to a non-expansionist Islam that isn’t based on spreading fundamentalism. This contrasts with Jamal Khashoggi… Indeed, Khashoggi was a former friend of Osama bin Laden and a close associate of President Erdogan of Turkey. Thus Khashoggi was involved in countless murky intrigues that were far from democratic or idealistic. Therefore, irrespective of the murky death of Khashoggi, he isn’t the cause célèbre to reset ties with Saudi Arabia.”

In truth, the only thing the unscrupulous Democratic Party is good at is inciting and spreading internal and external divisions. From race-baiting to gender confusion – from supporting wars, proxies, and increasing regional tensions. This is all part of the course.

For example, Barack Obama destabilized North Africa and the Middle East with the usual allies (he ordered the bombing of Libya, supported various proxies against the Syrian government, and encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt). Obama also agreed to the most expensive military deal in the history of America with Saudia Arabia (ironic since Obama and Biden belong to the same political party) during his time in power. Therefore, the Biden administration is now destabilizing Europe – along with threatening China (concerning Taiwan) to divide Northeast Asia – based on the collective logic that incitement preserves the power base of this political party that sows hate and divisions naturally.

Matt Duss, the foreign policy adviser to Bernie Sanders (an important senator on the left within the Democratic Party), said, “If anyone can explain to me how this reflects the administration’s previously stated commitment to a world in which human rights are protected, their defenders are celebrated and those who commit human rights abuses are held accountable,’ I’d love to hear it.”

The Washington Post reports, “Biden and Democrats face rising voter anger over the high prices, making the tight oil supply a top political liability.”

Biden’s approach to Yemen sums up the unscrupulous Democratic Party and his own forgetfulness concerning foreign policy. After all, Biden was an important member of the Obama administration. Therefore, to condemn Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen is equally ironic – because the Saudi war machine increased under Obama.

Reuters reports, “U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration has offered Saudi Arabia more than $115 billion in weapons, other military equipment, and training, the most of any U.S. administration in the 71-year U.S.-Saudi alliance, a report seen by Reuters has found.”

The morals of America under Biden, the European Union, and Japan are a sham. Hence, nations are putting sanctions on the Russian Federation for its involvement in the war in Ukraine and the Russian ethnic and Russian-speaking areas of Donbas – but the energy component will be filled by Middle East nations that are involved in the war against Yemen.

James Elder, a spokesperson for UNICEF, said last year, “A child dies in Yemen of something that is preventable every 10 minutes. And that is certainly a number that unfortunately has not changed in the last couple of years…Yemen is the most difficult place in the world to be a child. Incredulously, it is getting worse.”

Never mind – just like the Democratic Party condemns Saudi Arabia for using American weapons sold by another Democratic Party leader in the past (Obama) in the war in Yemen: Biden is now going against his “pariah” statement aimed at Saudi Arabia because as usual – this political party that incites and sows division, is all about the manipulation of language and changing like the wind to preserve power and to destabilize internally and externally when it suits.

Morals, no! They went out of the Democratic Party window a long time ago! Instead, it is all about making grand statements and making petty gestures while Rome burns internally (107,000 overdose deaths in the last 12 months in America to endless mass shootings) and externally (Ukraine and Russian Federation crisis).

So the Biden policy is to put sanctions on the Russian Federation and ply Ukraine with tens of billions of military arms: then request Middle East nations – involved in the war in Yemen – to provide more energy for the world market.

You couldn’t make this moral bankruptcy up – but when thinking about the Democratic Party, it makes sense because it is all about petty gestures and supplied chaos.


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