Another Prison Massacre in Brazil

Another Prison Massacre in Brazil

Boutros Hussein and Kanako Itamae

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Brazil needs to formulate new policies to stem recent grim massacres inside prisons that are obviously out of control. According to the latest massacre, another thirty prisoners were mainly beheaded or burnt alive. This follows on from around 100 hundred other prisoners who were killed prior to the latest massacre in early January 2017.

It is believed that the latest slaughter led to approximately 30 prisoners being killed in gruesome ways in the prison of Alcacuz. Given this reality, then one can only imagine how family members and friends fear for people being locked up in certain prisons in Brazil.

Overcrowding and the gang-related reality of certain prisons are clearly leading to lawlessness. Yet, the government of Brazil seems to be responding to events rather than seeking to solve the endless problems that beset the prison system of this nation.

According to reports the latest gruesome massacre that took place in Alcacuz prison was based on one murderous entity entering another block of prisoners. Hence, beheadings and being burnt alive took place. Therefore, it is high time for the government of Brazil and the prison service to take a fresh approach because these events are out of control.

Narcotics and controlling crime syndicates is a constant theme for major gangs in Brazil even after being incarcerated. It appears that a criminal gang by the name of Family of the North attacked a fellow criminal gang called First Command in another prison massacre earlier this year. At the same time, it is believed that First Command seeks to spread its tentacles even more throughout the prison system.

Sky News reports, “The gang network controls the supply and trafficking of drugs both inside and outside prisons even though many of its leaders are in maximum security jails.”

The government of Brazil and the prison service must implement new reforms and take further action to stem the crisis. If not, further bloodshed will continue to flow based on gruesome massacres.

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