Anti-Russia Japan in its amnesia zone: Russia and Naval symposium

Anti-Russia Japan in its amnesia zone: Russia and Naval Symposium

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nationalist administration of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida continues with its endless anti-Russia policies. Barely a day goes by when one member of the Kishida administration isn’t lambasting the Russian Federation. Therefore, with Japan hosting the Western Pacific Naval Symposium (WPNS), no shock that Japan is unleashing new anti-Russia comments.

Ironically, Japan isn’t independent in a military sense. Instead, Japan relies heavily on the nation that dropped two nuclear bombs on this country – along with carpet bombing. Yes, the strings of America after more than 75 years.

Japan – during the recent administrations of Shinzo Abe (open to Russia), Yoshihide Suga (anti-China), and the current administration of Kishida (anti-China and anti-Russia) – is increasingly utilizing nationalism concerning the containment policies and intrigues of America aimed at China and the Russian Federation.

The Russian Federation cares little about the annoyance of Japan outside the geopolitical angle of the armed forces of America being based throughout the country. China likewise rarely responds too strongly against Japan despite endless anti-China rhetoric by the political elites of Japan in recent times. After all, China and the Russian Federation understand that it is the geopolitical concerns of America that outweigh the comments of Japan.

The Japanese Defense Minister, Nobuo Kishi, said, “The Russian invasion has undermined the foundation of international order and is a flagrant violation of international law.”

Japan never once put economic sanctions on America for Vietnam (Agent Orange), Operation Condor (which killed vast numbers of left-wing individuals in many South American nations), Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the former Yugoslavia, and too many wars to mention. Likewise, American drones have killed many civilians in various nations.

Thus, the anti-Russia nature of Japan under Kishida is witnessed by this nation condemning Russia to America (countless invasions and supporting proxies in various wars in modern times), France (Algeria war, bombing Libya, and destabilized Syria), Indonesia (West Papua and ongoing persecution), Saudi Arabia (Yemen war and other regional intrigues – America, France, the United Kingdom also involved in the Saudi-led war in Yemen), Turkey (occupies Northern Cyprus and Northern Syria – killed vast numbers of Kurds over several decades and recently bombed the Kurds in Northern Iraq), and the United Kingdom (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, and destabilized Syria).

America, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom all worked together to butcher over two million since the 1960s in Indonesia. This concerns killing communists in the 1960s, East Timor (Timor-Leste), and the ongoing crisis in West Papua. Japan never cared and instead exploited the resources of Indonesia that often belong to other ethnic minorities.

The non-invitation of the Russian Federation to the WPNS is yet another petty policy of Japan under Kishida. His administration is tainted by extreme anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric. These policies by Kishida are endangering the national security of Japan.

Japan seems to forget that America only recently threw civil society in Afghanistan under the Taliban bus – similar to abandoning the Kurds after utilizing this ethnic group. Also, the main international destabilizing power in the post-World War two period is America. However, somehow Japan cares little about history – even if the history is recent (invasion of Iraq and Libya – America and killing innocents after drone attacks in many nations – and supplying vast military arms under Barack Obama to the Saudi-led alliance to bomb Yemen along with France and the United Kingdom that supports this ongoing conflict).

The anti-Russia mantra of Kishida is out of control. Mind you, with the yen tanking concerning the dollar and holding the highest ratio of debt in the world – and when your nation relies on the nuclear umbrella of America – then maybe petty nationalism and the usual scapegoats are all that is left for Kishida – and other individuals in his administration.


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