Anti-Russia Kishida barred from Russia: Washington coattail Kishida

Anti-Russia Kishida barred from Russia: Washington coattail Kishida

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Irrespective of what people think about the Russian Federation entering Russian and Russian speaking areas of Ukraine – while seeking to contain endless Ukrainian attacks against the Donbas region – and stemming the NATO gathering tide. Japan – like other European and NATO nations – never concerned themselves with putting sanctions on America for Agent Orange on Vietnam (Cambodia and Laos also), Operation Condor in South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia (Kosovo), and countless international conflicts that have the hands of America and the United Kingdom all over them (including the ongoing Saudi-led alliance against Yemen).

Hence, the behavior of America, Japan, the European Union, and the United Kingdom highlights the utter hypocrisy of nations that don’t value the deaths and international wars caused in distant lands by America. Therefore, nations from Brazil to India – from Mexico to Vietnam – from South Africa to Pakistan – don’t seek to isolate the Russian Federation because these nations understand the hypocrisy emanating from political elites in America, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom – and in other EU nations.

Only one country in Africa, Asia, and South America, is playing the anti-Russia card. This concerns the Russophobia of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan. Thus, the most anti-Russia administration in recent history is currently in power in Japan. Therefore, despite Japan having enormous debt problems, a declining population, twenty years of stagnant wages for the majority of the population, low success in upper management for women, and other ills: the Kishida administration is fixated on doing the bidding of America – along with serving the increasing nationalism within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Kishida – an individual who needs to read from written notes related to Ukraine – astonishingly complained about the actions of the Russian Federation in barring him and other individuals from the Russian Federation. Hence, Kishida said, “It is simply unacceptable.”

No, “it is simply unacceptable” for Kishida and Japan to never put sanctions on America for Agent Orange on Vietnam to more recent conflicts in Iraq and Libya – while the Obama and Trump admin sold enormous amounts of military arms to support the Saudi-led bombing campaign against Yemen. After all, you can’t switch off America’s distant wars and then suddenly concern yourself with events in Europe to spread anti-Russia hysteria.

The only natural conclusion is that Japan is utilizing the anti-Russia angle to serve internal nationalism – while also doing the bidding of America like a loyal servant. Similarly, Kishida and the ruling LDP – similar to NATO powers – probably don’t view wars in Africa and Asia to the same degree.

The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation said the government of Japan is “waging an unprecedented anti-Russia campaign that allows slander and intimidation.”

The statement continued, “The administration of F. Kishida launched an unprecedented anti-Russian campaign (and) allows unacceptable rhetoric against the Russian Federation, including slander and direct threats.”

The statement further said, “It is echoed by public figures, experts, representatives of Japanese media, who are completely engaged by the attitudes of the West toward our country.”

Kishida, the Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi – and others on the barred entry to the Russian Federation – are all silver spoon politicians who govern Japan decade after decade.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, Sanae Takaichi (who mustered the second-most votes among the ruling LDP party members for party leader), and other senior figures in the ruling LDP deny the sexual slavery of Koreans and other ethnic groups during the war – and other historical known facts concerning Class A War Criminals. Therefore, this sums up the ruling LDP and how nationalism is a growing problem within the ruling party.

Kishida is the most anti-Russia leader in living memory – while senior LDP politicians – including former leaders of Japan – seek to up the ante against China concerning Taiwan.


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