Arab League cares for a Palestinian State when not killing each other or persecuting non-Arabs

Arab League cares for a Palestinian State when not killing each other or persecuting non-Arabs

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Arab League, an organization based on the Arab colonialist legacy of subjugating non-Arabs and destroying indigenous culture, is once more shamelessly pretending to care about Palestinians. Ironically, because countless Palestinians will find more rights in Western nations, rather than endless refugee camps within the so-called Arab world. Equally, some of the same so-called Arab states are involved in destabilizing nations throughout the region. For example, intrigues against Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

Egypt, a nation where the indigenous Coptic Christians suffer endlessly, wish that the same nation would stem wide scale anti-Coptic discrimination and persecution. Also, the same Palestinians under Hamas supported the Muslim Brotherhood against the current leader of Egypt – while involving itself against the government of Syria based on accepting more Gulf petrodollars. On top of this, many ratlines via Gaza have emboldened Sunni Islamists in the Sinai to kill Egyptian security forces, Coptic Christians, and Sufi Muslims.

Similarly, the nation of Saudi Arabia is involved in the destabilization of Syria and Yemen respectively. The current result of this is untold misery and suffering relating to untold numbers of people being killed. Indeed, in Yemen, the cholera crisis responsible for affecting over 1 million people – along with the malnutrition of approximately 1.8 million children – is firmly based on the Saudi Arabia-led Sunni Muslim alliance. Therefore, for Saudi Arabia that is helping to weaken nation states with fellow Arab nations, it is galling that they play the “Palestinian card.”

Reuters reports, The Arab League said at the time the move would spur violence throughout the region and described Trump’s announcement as a “dangerous violation of international law” which had no legal impact.”

The statement above is laughable at best, or mere theater in a game of lies by the Arab League. Indeed, in recent times, fellow Arabs have killed the leaders of Iraq, Libya, and Yemen respectively – and all in brutal fashion. Meanwhile, the colonial Arab Muslim legacy of slavery is alive and kicking in Libya where black Africans are being enslaved – just like the Khartoum regime supported Arab militias who enslaved various black African ethnic groups during the civil war between Khartoum and the South of the nation.

Following on from this, the Alawites, Assyrians, Berbers, various Christian sects, Coptics, Kurds, Mandaeans, Maronites, Shabaks, Yazidis, and others, are all struggling to survive Arabization by stealth. Of course, for non-Muslim communities then they face the double threat of Arabization and Islamization. On top of this, does the Arab League believe that more “violence” will ensue rather than the Arab intrigues (and others) in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen respectively?

It is noticeable that ISIS (Islamic State – ISIS) and Al-Qaeda affiliates have been utilized by various Gulf powers based on a power play aimed at the fear of Shia Iran. Hence, while ISIS and Al-Qaeda are happily slaughtering Alawites, Christians, the Shia, and enslaving Yazidis; the same forces of Sunni Islamism is causing little trouble in wealthy Gulf nations. Therefore, the Gulf nations seem to be having a free ride while all hell is let louse against Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

Irrespective of the merits of one Jerusalem under Israel – or a divided Jerusalem that represents two capitals for Israelis and Palestinians – this still doesn’t hide the enormous hypocrisy of the Arab League. Hence, it is time for the Arab League to put its own house in order in reference to events in Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Sinai (Egypt), and Yemen. Also, it is high time to think about changing the name of the Arab League in order to acknowledge the indigenous communities throughout the region who face Arabization and Sunni Islamization by stealth.

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