China needs a fresh approach towards Taiwan: Geopolitics of America and Japan

China needs a fresh approach towards Taiwan: Geopolitics of America and Japan

Hiroshi Saito and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of China needs to re-evaluate its relationship with Taiwan. After all, in a geopolitical sense, tensions with Taiwan will only embolden Washington’s containment policy of China. Similarly, the changing sands of China and Taiwan have altered dramatically in the last few decades. In other words, China is now a major economic player that can protract influence far and wide. Likewise, Taiwan is now firmly entrenched within the democratic world. Therefore, China must focus on the geopolitical angle of Taiwan and understand that it isn’t in Beijing’s interest to take a harsh stance towards Taiwan.

In other words, positive relations between China and Taiwan will erase the power of external forces that may seek to utilize the current situation. This notably applies to the intrigues of America and Japan. In this light, China should “pull the rug under Washington and Tokyo” and focus on the changing sands by making a courageous overture towards Taiwan.

Modern Tokyo Times in a past article said, Democratic Taiwan should be a role model to be lauded; therefore, it is imperative that this nation is supported internationally by democratic nations if these shared values mean anything. China, for its part, should note that the vastness of this nation, its economic modernization, international economic clout, and continuous military development, all equates to fearing nothing from Taiwan emerging fully independent. Therefore, China and the democratic world should focus on mechanisms to put the China and Taiwan dispute to bed.”

Hence, recent remarks by Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry, will only be “music tunes to the ears of Washington and Tokyo.” In other words, China’s continuous belligerence towards Taiwan will only serve the interests of nations that seek to utilize the situation.

Wu Qian says, “Separatist Taiwan independence forces and their activities are the greatest threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait… It is futile to ‘use weapons to refuse unification’, and is doomed to have no way out,” he added, without elaborating.”

These comments were made in relation to Taiwan obtaining new proposed military arms from America that are in the pipeline. Given this reality, Wu Qian pointed out that more than 1,000 powerful missiles are directed at Taiwan if this nation steps out of line. Yet the rhetoric of China will only serve America and Japan because regional divisions serve the armed forces of America. Similarly, Japan under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to break free from constitutional military constraints and further modernize the armed forces of Japan. Therefore, for America and Japan events on the Korean Peninsula, tensions between China and Taiwan, and endless disputes over islets and islands will merely boost the containment policy of America – and the shadow of Japan that seeks a larger regional role.

Reuters says, The Trump administration is crafting a big new arms package for Taiwan that could include advanced rocket systems and anti-ship missiles to defend against China, U.S. officials said earlier this month, a deal sure to anger Beijing.”

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan in an extremely independent female leader who seeks the best for Taiwan, while maintaining and developing a new approach with China. Modern Tokyo Times says, “Tsai, a very independent political leader with clear vision, seeks to reenergize Taiwan internally and externally based on all the positives of this nation state. Yet, the leader of Taiwan is clearly alarmed by negative statements emanating from China. Therefore, Tsai knows that Taiwan must remain steadfast, while also avoiding confrontation, thereby, neutralizing China’s bullying tactics based on true diplomacy.”

Overall, the democratic world should stand firmly with Taiwan because this nation is a role model. Likewise, China is only helping to contain itself by insisting on dictating to Taiwan. If Beijing focused on the changing times – and admitted to itself that the people of Taiwan have no interest in being ruled by the CCP – then a very strategic region could no longer be utilized by the whims of America or Japan.

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