China, Russia, and South Africa naval exercises: EU and G7 diktats

South Africa, Russia, and China naval exercises: EU and G7 diktats

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nations of China and the Russian Federation will hold trilateral naval exercises with South Africa in a show of inter-continental solidarity. Brazil, Egypt, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and many others seek a non-aligned approach outside the clutches of the European Union (EU), G7, and the constant meddling of America.

In this sense, the trilateral naval exercises planned in the waters of South Africa are extremely important – similar to Burkina Faso, Mali, and others demanding that France leaves West Africa and the Sahel region.

Since President Biden took office, the arrogance of America knows no boundaries. Naturally, the EU, Japan, the United Kingdom – and nations including Australia and Canada – have joined the geopolitical goals of Biden. Therefore, any independent-minded country – from Hungary to the Solomon Islands – faces the globalist “colonial-minded diktats” of economic threats, negative rubber-stamped Western media, and threats of internal interference on the purse strings of EU and G7 nations.

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Federation Foreign Minister, said, “The West is mum on its assessments, it just delegates emissaries who arrive at foreign ministries and say: `You should stop cooperating with Russia; don’t receive delegations, don’t buy weapons’. Is this how democracy works?”

Lavrov stipulated that many of his counterparts in the Global South have reiterated that Western countries threaten to “punish” them unless they follow the diktats of EU and G7 nations.

This will notably apply to America, the United Kingdom, the leader of the European Union, and Japan. These nations sprout the “Washington international law theme.” Accordingly, this negates Agent Orange dropped on Vietnam, lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction to destabilize Iraq, supporting right-wing death squads during Operation Condor in South America, the murder of over one million leftists in Indonesia that was supported by America, taking Kosovo from Serbia (so much for the sacredness of international borders), and an array of brutal deeds since the post-World War Two period.

TASS News reports, “In two days, the Admiral Gorshkov will take part in the South Africa-Russia-China joint trilateral naval exercise dubbed Mosi. The naval maneuvers will run off the coast of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal in the Indian Ocean. The active phase of the drills will kick off on February 25, the South African Defense Ministry told TASS. Prior to that, the participating sides will specify the objectives of the maneuvers and coordinate their efforts.”

Naledi Pandor, the South African Foreign Minister, condemned the “double standard” of EU and G7 nations opposed to the trilateral naval exercises between South Africa, the Russian Federation, and China.

Pandor said, “All countries conduct military exercises with friends worldwide.”

The South African Foreign Minister continued by slamming external forces that object to the military exercises that South Africa wants as an “abuse of international practice.”

The majority of nations in the Global South and countries in Europe who are independent-minded – notably Hungary, Serbia, and a few others – don’t seek to take sides. Instead, they want friendly relations and to make their own independent decisions.

EU and G7 sanctions on the Russian Federation are putting an enormous economic toll on many nations in the Global South. Similarly, coercive threats against Hungary (EU and America) to the Solomon Islands (G7 and Australia) are “colonial minded” and anti-democratic.

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