China says “alien models” will fail externally and internally: Afghanistan, Visegrad, and the Asia Pacific

China says “alien models” will fail externally and internally: Afghanistan, Visegrad, and the Asia Pacific

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

China is witnessing events in Afghanistan from a different prism similar to the Russian Federation. Indeed, internally in China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now focused on preserving traditions wrapped up loosely based on a fusion of historical philosophies (notably Confucianism) and the guidance of the CCP. Therefore, times are changing in China once more under the leadership of President Xi Jinping.

The entire cost of intervention in Afghanistan costs trillions of dollars and merely added to the national debt of America, Japan, the United Kingdom, and other nations who helped economically, militarily, and politically. However, two decades unraveled in the blink of an eye because Sunni Islamist Takfiris will return Afghanistan to an ultra-conservative version of Sharia Islamic law. Hence, the West didn’t embolden secularisation or religious pluralism – it just enacted a confused policy of aspects of development that mainly benefitted a limited elite.

The Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, said the Western model in Afghanistan led to failure. He said, imposing “alien models on countries which have a distinctively different history, culture, and national conditions will inevitably lead to failure of acclimatization (水土不服, shuitubufu)”

However, while the Foreign Minister makes valid points about enforcing “alien models” by stealth, this is negated by his terminology of “Neo-imperialism.” It is clear that America, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and other nations adopting gender identity issues, mass immigration, de-Christianization, and so forth are actually introducing “alien models” internally. Therefore, political and social divisions in America and the United Kingdom, for example, are being fought over by pro-LGBT policies and a plethora of gender identity terminologies, the belittlement of Christianity, the race-baiting of individuals who question the politically correct narrative, anti-Western environmentalists, and other areas. Alongside this, continuing materialism and endless mass immigration mean several nations are having the “alien models” enforced on their own people. This is rubber-stamped by the education sector, social media, politically correct media, the film industry, and political elites who want to alter society beyond recognition.

Afghanistan is the opposite of the new confused model being enforced by certain Western political parties on their own citizens. Western politically correct elites are now manipulating the younger generation concerning education, the politically correct media, films, music, social media, sport, and by plying the gender and racial mantra at any given opportunity. Therefore, irrespective of who rules in Afghanistan, the conservative culture based on Islam will dictate for the foreseeable future – the real cultural war in Afghanistan is between Takfiri Islam and different Muslim traditions.

Visegrad nations (Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) will be watching events through different eyes. Thus these nations note that Western intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya (the Sahel region is still reeling from the convulsions of Libya), and Syria is the huge loss of life, religious minorities fleeing, and mass immigration. Henceforth, the nations where interventions take place are leading to internal failed states – and externally it is altering the European landscape concerning mass immigration. Therefore, convulsions are engulfing the Sahel region, the Levant, Europe (mass immigration), and Asian nations that border Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, supports the continuity of culture, religion, and tradition that enables people to choose freely. However, with the dominant forces of history remaining to be the pillars of society. This vision is shared by Czechia (Czech Republic), Poland, and Slovenia, who make up the Visegrad Four.

Austria Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is conservative and he also shares many similar themes related to culture and immigration. Equally, the nations of Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia are equally proud of their European identity. Therefore, European nations outside of Western Europe seek to preserve the cultural roots that nourished them throughout history.

Orbán uttered, “Compared to Western Europe, we’re the island of peace and safety.”

In recent years, the nations of Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other Western European nations have witnessed increasing Islamic terrorist attacks, no-go areas concerning crime, narcotics, and other social ills.

Crime rates and endless immigration to certain European cities render them unrecognizable to what they were 20 years ago. Thus the politically correct indigenous seek to alter the cultural, ethnic, gender, and religious landscape that shaped these nations for thousands of years. Therefore, the “soul” of Europe is being played out between Visegrad nations seeking to stand firm against the ill-winds of Western Europe who seek a new non-European model for society.

African nations are no more desiring mass Asian immigration – than Asian nations are desiring mass African immigration. For example, how many black African Christians have been given citizenship and full religious rights in Iran or Saudi Arabia in the last 50 years? Hence poorer Afghans mainly flee to Iran and Pakistan, while wealthier Afghans seek America, Canada, and Europe. After all, the nations of China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan don’t wish to provide citizenship to Afghans – similar to Gulf powers.

The Asia Pacific, Visegrad nations, China, and others, notice the mass convulsions that are engulfing America and Western Europe. Thus political elites in Beijing now seek to isolate the people of China from the deterioration of cultures that once were confident and had cultural principles. Therefore, China is now focused on limiting the feminization of culture and other deviant tendencies associated with Western politically correct culture that are sowing divisions in society.

Xi is now focused on “common prosperity.” He said, “We can support wealthy entrepreneurs who work hard, operate legally, and have taken risks to start businesses … but we must also do our best to establish a ‘scientific’ public policy system that allows for fairer income distribution.”

Several years ago, Xi said, “the most critical core of a country’s comprehensive strength is cultural soft power… We must firm up our self-confidence in the theory, path, and institutions [of Chinese-style socialism]… Fundamentally, we also need to have cultural self-confidence.”

China is now embarking on the re-socialization of parts of society to a greater extent since the loosening of the state under Deng Xiaoping. Deng Xiaoping enabled the rapid development of China to take place economically. However, according to Xi, China now must focus on “common prosperity” and whittle out the “poisonous weeds” that Chairman Mao said many decades ago.

Of course, the “poisonous weeds” – equally deemed the same in Afghanistan, Northeast Asian nations, Visegrad nations, conservative Muslim nations, and conservative Christian dominated nations in Africa – applies to the poison of Western culture that is now obsessed by countless gender terminologies, endless mass immigration, the erosion of religion, and so forth.

Reuters reports, “China’s crackdown on celebrity culture and its moves to rein in giant internet firms are a sign of “profound” political changes under way in the country, a prominent blogger said in a post widely circulated across state media.”

Nations including Ghana and Uganda enacted draconian anti-homosexual laws, the Taliban seeks Islamization in Afghanistan, and China seeks to remodel society on itself. Likewise, wealthier nations in the Asia Pacific don’t share the mass immigration model and diluting indigenous culture. Hence, the politically correct Western model – along with fake humanitarian wars – are seen to be signs of internal nothingness.

Visegrad nations reject the Western model of humanitarian wars, mass immigration, gender identity, the social model, and the replacement theory based on erasing past European values. Thus, the “alien models” are getting closer to home. Therefore, the current social divisions in America, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and others don’t bode well.

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