Christian Armenia recognizes the Yazidi Genocide of 2014 at the hands of Sunni Islamists

Christian Armenia recognizes the Yazidi Genocide of 2014 at the hands of Sunni Islamists

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The parliament of Armenia officially acknowledged the genocide of Yazidis in 2014 by Sunni Islamists belonging to ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and other Takfiri Islamist groups. It is hoped that other parliaments throughout the world will also pass similar resolutions because the atrocities and mass graves are well documented.

Armen Ashotyan, a politician from the ruling party in Armenia, said, “As a nation that has lived through genocide, the Armenian people understand the significance of this recognition.”

Armenia is overwhelmingly Christian and this ethnic group knows all about genocide at the hands of mainly Sunni Muslims. This applies to the 1915 genocide whereby other Christian ethnic groups were also butchered in enormous numbers. Of course, pogroms took place against Christian Armenians and others prior to the 1915 genocide, and also followed, but the massacres of millions of innocents in 1915 remains etched within the soul of all Armenians.

Hence, for Yazidis, the events of 2014 need greater recognition. Likewise, scattered communities inside Iraq – and co-religionists who have fled to many nations – need continuing international support. Equally important, Sunni Islamists responsible for butchering, raping, torturing, and kidnapping Yazidis must be held accountable. Increased international urgency is also needed in freeing Yazidi slaves because several thousand remain unaccounted for.

It is also incumbent on helping Yazidis to return to the fold after being forcibly converted to Sunni Islam. If not, then these Yazidis will remain trapped by the fear that made them convert – or, if converted when little children, then they will remain psychologically traumatized until passing away from this world.

The parliament of Armenia said, the nation recognizes and strongly condemns the genocide of the Yazidi people perpetrated by terrorist groups in 2014 in Iraqi territory controlled by them.”

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