Christians Killed and Churches Burnt to the Ground in Nigeria by Boko Haram

Christians Killed and Churches Burnt to the Ground in Nigeria by Boko Haram

Michiyo Tanabe, Paul Joseph Nzeribe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Nigeria appears to be at a loss about the threat of Boko Haram because time after time the armed forces of Nigeria appear to be overstretched. This reality was once more witnessed in the last few days because many Christians were slayed by Takfiri Sunni fanatics and Christian churches were set alight and destroyed. However, when these attacks were taking place the response mechanism by the armed forces of Nigeria was extremely slow.

It is clear that Muslims and Christians opposed to Boko Haram are being left high and dry by the central government. At the moment, the crisis is mainly based in Northeastern Nigeria but if sectarian massacres continue to take place, then the fear of sectarianism spreading is real. After all, the latest attack against Christians in several villages is a clear indicator that Boko Haram wants to cleanse parts of Nigeria of Christians.

Also, the lack of protection by the armed forces of Nigeria is telling Christians and Muslims opposed to Boko Haram, that they need their own militias in order to safeguard their communities. Of course, this is a dangerous response because clearly Boko Haram is receiving funding from somewhere – with most fingers pointing at Gulf petrodollars and the intrigues of outside nations. Despite the dangers entailed by arming self-defense militias, it is clear that abandoning the people of Northeastern Nigeria isn’t working either. Indeed, the brutal body count keeps on growing and girls can be kidnapped with impunity because central forces appear distant.

Villages attacked by Boko Haram in recent days apply to Karagau, Kwada, Kautikari and Ngurojina. These villages are near to Chibok and this sums up the reality of the armed forces of Nigeria alongside the inept government of this nation. After all, this mainly Christian enclave in the predominantly Muslim state of Borno is where Boko Haram kidnapped mainly Christian girls. This reality should have meant tighter security. However, like usual nothing major appears to be in the offing and instead Boko Haram often attacks the same areas without fear of major reprisals.

The Long War Journal reports: “During the attacks, the gunmen reportedly rode through the villages on motorcycles throwing explosives at targets. In Kwada, the insurgents burned the entire village, including five churches. The gunmen entered the churches, opened fire on Sunday worshipers, and then set the churches ablaze.”

Sadly, like The Long War Journal reports: “A Nigerian military plane was reportedly deployed five hours after the attacks commenced; at which time, the “gunmen sneaked into the bush.”

The government of Nigeria needs to show a greater commitment towards the people of Northeastern Nigeria. Also, central leaders need to formulate a policy that unifies the nation state against the threat of Boko Haram. However, currently it appears that more Christians will be butchered, Christian churches will continue to be destroyed, Muslims will be killed for being deemed to be infidels by Takfiri Sunni fanatics and more young girls will be kidnapped. The Long War Journal


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