Coptic Christian Churches attacked by Sunni Islamists in Egypt: 45 killed and many injured

Coptic Christian Churches attacked by Sunni Islamists in Egypt: 45 killed and many injured

Boutros Hussein, Sawako Uchida, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Coptic Christians have recently been cleansed in parts of the Sinai region of Egypt and now at least 45 Christians have been killed in two attacks against Christian holy places. Once more, Sunni Islamists, the same forces that are slaughtering the Shia, enslaving Yazidis, persecuting Christians in several parts of the world, and are targeting European nations, did the massacre. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the usual Sunni Islamists did a fresh atrocity against innocent people who were praying to God.

It is abundantly clear – just like the mirror of Saudi Arabia that bans all non-Muslim holy places and where the Shia are persecuted – that Sunni Islamists seek to persecute all other faiths and different Muslim sects, in order to create Sunni Takfiri Sharia states. In Europe, this same Sunni Islamism is killing in Berlin, Brussels, London, Nice, Paris, Stockholm, St Petersburg, and others. Indeed, while Christian priests have been butchered in Nigeria, the Philippines, and Turkey, now it is getting nearer because a French priest was slaughtered by Sunni Islamists inside a Christian church last year.

The barbaric twin attack against Christians in Egypt who were taken from this world on Palm Sunday, just like Shia pilgrims targeted during religious processions by Sunni Islamists, merely highlights that in the minds of Takfiris that nothing is sacred. Amazingly, this death cult is allowed to proselytise in Europe based on Gulf petrodollars and other means – while European agencies monitor from a distance. Therefore, the “brotherhood claptrap” is just a politically correct mantra that cares little about the victims because Sunni Islamist terrorism is in full swing in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and now Europe.

Of course, in Europe this reality is based on self-induced politically correct failures – a mass media that is spreading disinformation based on idealistic goals – and not tackling Saudi Arabia and other havens where Sunni Islamist ideology exists. In truth, Sunni Islamist depravity knows no bounds. Given this reality, it is no longer surprising that Sunni Islamists are butchering Christians, Shia Muslims, and trying to erase the Yazidi faith from the face of this earth.

Reuters reports, “The first bombing, in Tanta, a Nile Delta city about 100 km (60 miles) north of Cairo, tore through the inside of St. George Church during its Palm Sunday service, killing at least 27 people and injuring at least 78, the Ministry of Health said.”

Yet, while Coptic Christians were grieving this brutal attack only a few hours later an apparent suicide bomber hit Saint Mark’s Cathedral in the city of Alexandria. The symbolic reason for this attack is based on this holy place being a historic seat of the holy Coptic Pope. In other words, the fact that Coptic Christianity is the indigenous faith of Egypt until many Islamic invasions altered the dynamics of society, is evidence to Sunni Takfiris of the need to erase pre-Islamic realities – just like ISIS is destroying ancient architecture in parts of the Middle East and the Taliban destroyed what little is left of Buddhism in Afghanistan.

Coptic Christians don’t need empty words, what they need is protection in their homeland, and having equal rights in law. Similarly, if Copts flee in huge numbers then this will serve the Sunni Islamist agenda. Hence, the need for Copts to protect themselves if the central state needs support and for central authorities to step up dramatically in order to crush Sunni Islamism. If measures are not taken by the government of Egypt, then Coptic Christians need the means to defend themselves.

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