Curfew at night in Afghanistan to provide more security in areas held

Curfew at night in Afghanistan to provide more security in areas held

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The pull-out of American forces in Afghanistan under President Biden of America is witnessing fresh Taliban momentum. Nerves are obviously fraying within government-controlled areas because the Taliban supports a strict and draconian Islamic Sharia state. Therefore, fear persists that more massacres by the Taliban will ensue against the security apparatus of Afghanistan.

President Ashraf Ghani is hoping that America will continue to adequately fund the armed forces of Afghanistan. Ghani also hopes that Biden will maintain economic channels to support the infrastructure under the control of central forces. However, the people of Afghanistan are nervous concerning how far the Taliban will go in seeking absolute power.

China, Pakistan, and the Russian Federation have cordial relations. Similarly, Central Asia nations and the role of the Russian Federation remain strong. Equally important, India and the Russian Federation have good relations. Therefore, regional geopolitical concerns should dampen chaos stemming from Afghanistan.

Ghani said, “President Biden reassured me that support for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) will continue. We have confidence that they will protect and defend Afghanistan.”

A nighttime curfew was announced by authorities in areas under the control of government forces. However, exceptions to the curfew include Kabul, Nangarhar, and the provinces of Panjsher.

Voice of America reports, “A spokesperson for the Afghan interior ministry told VOA that all provinces have been placed under the 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. curfew with the exception of Kabul, Nangarhar and Panjsher provinces.”

Since America and NATO allies started to pull their armed forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken countless districts. Reports claim that the Taliban now control approximately fifty percent of all districts. Hence, the situation doesn’t bode well for Ghani and the ruling elites in Kabul. Therefore, one can only imagine the fear in the hearts of women and religious minorities.

Chillingly, the Investigative Project on Terrorism reports, “Even with the American military presence, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs reported 6,500 incidents of violence against women in 2019. The previous year, attackers slit the throat of three people working at a school in Nangarhar before lighting the building on fire. Video emerged last year of a woman being stoned to death as a mob chanted Allahu Akhbar.”

The BBC says, “The Taliban – a fundamentalist Islamist militia who were pushed out of power by the US invasion nearly 20 years ago – has also seized key roads as it seeks to cut off supply routes.”

Biden might talk big about containing China. Yet rumors suggest that America will also further pull out of Iraq under his leadership. Equally, Pakistan is more in the orbit of China than at any other time, even if doors remain open between America and Pakistan.


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