Destabilization of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Libya, Iraq and Syria: Terrorist Networks and Tripartite of Forces

Destabilization of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Libya, Iraq and Syria: Terrorist Networks and Tripartite of Forces

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In the 1980s and early 1990s the mantra was holy warriors in Afghanistan against the evil Soviet Union. Of course, not much was holy about these Takfiri Islamist sectarian warriors because soon they would slaughter the Shia, enslave women, support killing homosexuals, threaten to kill all apostates, whip women if not fully covered up and a host of other evils. The logical conclusion was an international jihadist network that was brought together with the help of the CIA, MI6, ISI and other interested parties in the Gulf region.

Of course, once this barbaric year zero Takfiri Islamist reality came into being in Afghanistan then the end result was opium,, backwardness, terrorism, enforcement of women into the shadows of society and so many other brutal realities. Yet, the usual Western and Gulf powers – supported by Turkey and Pakistan in several conflicts depending on geopolitics, would continue to destabilize in Iraq, Libya and Syria. In other words, the madness created by the usual players was now much more potent because a new year zero Takfiri agenda would materialize.

Following the Afghanistan debacle the international jihadist brigade, NATO powers and various Muslim dominated nations were all working together in Bosnia. Therefore, the mass media; international political leaders; various destabilization covert organizations like the CIA, MIT, BND, MI6, and ISI; international jihadists; Gulf Petrodollars; Iran; and so forth; all worked on the same side against the mainly Orthodox Christian Serbs of Bosnia. Of course, not content with this then Kosovo would loom large from the ashes of the need to punish Orthodox Christians – just like the abandonment of Northern Cyprus to Turkey.

The Bosnian Muslim international jihadi network would immediately play its part in international terrorism. Two prime examples being the terrorist outrages of Madrid and September 11. After all, the natural linkage between the intrigues of major Western powers, Muslim nations and international jihadists in Bosnia and Kosovo was clear for all to see. Therefore, Orthodox Christian Serbs became a convenient tool of hatred for the enemies of Serbia, in order to fulfill geopolitical end games for the usual tripartite players of destabilization.

Modern Tokyo Times in another article states: Abu Zubair al-Haili (Mohammed Haydar Zammar) entered Bosnia in order to kill Orthodox Christians and clearly this individual, like countless others, was given the Bill Clinton “Green Light” to enter Bosnia. Abu Zubair al-Haili was instrumental in the Hamburg al-Qaeda cell that helped the September 11 network to flourish. He further developed his skills in terrorism and hatred towards non-Muslims in Bosnia that was fertile ground because of the Bill Clinton administration.”

Modern Tokyo Times continued by stating: “Abu Zubair al-Haili was also instrumental in bringing Mohammed Atta into the al-Qaeda network. Clearly, the actions of Abu Zubair al-Haili in Bosnia gave him further credentials. Mohammed (Mohamed) Atta rewarded America’s support of Islamic terrorist networks from “a convenient distance” by blowing up the World Trade Center.”

The same source comments: “American Airlines Flight 77 also had a powerful Bosnian connection because two Islamists on board had also gone to Bosnia to kill Orthodox Christians. Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon but of course very few questions were raised about these Islamists being on the same side of America under Bill Clinton. However, Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar had served in Bosnia. Also, coming from the land of “institutional religious hatred,” Saudi Arabia, then clearly killing infidels would have been ingrained within the House of War theory.”

Iraq would soon become the next card in the destabilization of deemed enemies. Of course, September 11 and ratlines linking Saudi Arabia and Gulf petrodollars were conveniently brushed under the carpet by America. Therefore, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was followed by the destabilization of this nation whereby today this country is a failed state. Indeed, not only is Iraq a failed state but the terrorist and sectarian shadow in this nation was given fresh impetus by the destabilization of Syria by NATO and Gulf powers. This reality means that Iraq is once more suffering because of the brutal chess board designs by the tripartite of brutal forces against independent Syria. After all, tripartite forces follow logically in the wake of fresh conspiracies against independent states.

Currently it is Syria’s turn to witness mass terrorism, sectarianism, the support of various terrorist groups by Gulf and NATO powers – the destruction of the economy – and the desire to create another failed state. Prior to Syria, it was the turn of Libya to suffer the tripartite intrigues of the usual players whereby many brutal massacres occurred. Like usual, after the original endgame was completed then the terrorist and failed state syndrome would follow naturally. Therefore, modern day Libya is in crisis and gripped by various terrorist proxies of outside forces alongside the usual year zero Takfiri forces of hatred.

Amazingly, Syria is still surviving the collective onslaught of tripartite forces against this independent nation state. However, the price is enormous because vast numbers have been killed and clearly the death toll will continue to rise based on outside meddling and the role of Gulf petrodollars. Despite this, currently Syria is bravely trying to halt the destabilization of nation states by the tripartite of forces that follow each other naturally.


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