Ecuador Declares “Internal Armed Conflict”

Ecuador Declares “Internal Armed Conflict”

Noriko Watanabe and Kanako Mita

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Ecuador and the security forces are on heightened alert.

President Daniel Noboa of Ecuador said the nation is grappling with an “internal armed conflict.” Henceforth, the security forces have been placed in strategic parts of the capital and other major cities.

Voice of America reports, “The president made the declaration hours after a group of masked men armed with guns and explosives stormed a public television station in the port city of Guayaquil during a live news program and fired shots in the studio.” 

At the weekend, the head of the narcotics gang Los Choneros is alleged to have escaped. Following the escape of Adolfo Macias (Los Choneros), the head of the narcotics Los Lobos group also escaped. Henceforth, the escapes of Fabricio Colon Pico (Los Lobos) and Adolfo Macias – indicate internal corruption and security failings.

Several bombs throughout Ecuador have been detonated. Also, narcotic gangs have abducted police officers.

Accordingly, the leader of Ecuador declared a state of emergency to quell the crisis.

Noboa said an “internal armed conflict” is underway in Ecuador. He blamed “transnational organized crime,” “terrorist organizations,” and “belligerent non-state actors.”

Peru responded to events by strengthening border areas.

America declared that Washington is “co-ordinating closely” with the government of Ecuador and is “ready to provide assistance.”

The BBC reports, “Ecuador is one of the world’s top banana exporters, but also exports oil, coffee, cocoa, shrimps and fish products. A surge in violence in the Andean nation, inside and outside its prisons, has been linked to fighting between drug cartels, both foreign and local, over control of cocaine routes to the US and Europe.”

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