Elitist Macron of France threatens Visegrad nations: He warns Poland but what about Crime and Terrorism?

Elitist Macron of France threatens Visegrad nations: He warns Poland but what about Crime and Terrorism?

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Emmanuel Macron, the French globalist from a traditional elite background, is showing that bread and butter issues mean little to him. Equally important, Sunni Islamist terrorism and radicalism is growing in nations like Belgium and France. At the same time, high crime rates in major cities in France and youth unemployment are serious issues. However, instead of Macron focusing strongly on mass immigration, narcotics, terrorism, unemployment, Sunni Islamist indoctrination, weak European nations like Belgium and France where terrorists kill internally and externally in nations like Syria; the elitist Macron is focused on creating tensions with Visegrad nations including Hungary and Poland.

Macron is the current favorite to become the next president of France based on favorable media coverage, his banking background, belonging to the elites, connivance of major political parties that fear real change, the backing of tax exiles, and other unsavory realities. Therefore, even before being elected the elitist Macron is threatening possible sanctions on Poland in the future.

Of course, the majority of nationals of France will be surprised that given the plethora of internal problems facing this nation, that the possible next leader of France desires to attack nations that seek to preserve European identity and the binding reality of Christianity.  Also, it shows the disdain of Macron towards people that are struggling to survive in the increasing globalist world where cheap labor, reduction of labor rights, mass immigration, globalist takeovers, and so forth, are the usual norms.

Macron made it clear that he would take to task European nations that he deemed to be problematic. Of course, being from the elites, this doesn’t apply to Belgium and the Sunni Islamist terrorist angle that is a problem for regional nations including France. Instead, it is aimed at controlling nations that seek to protect their respective indigenous populations. Therefore, Macron seeks to take a harsh line against the Visegrad bloc.

Comments by Macron (published in regional papers including Voix du Nord and Quest-France) aimed at Poland are extremely worrying. He said, “When the rights and values of the European Union are not respected, I want sanctions to be taken.”

Macron, obviously oblivious to why the United Kingdom pulled out of the European Union, is intent on taking the elitist view towards Poland and other Visegrad nations including Hungary. He continued, “In the three months after I’m elected, there will be a decision on Poland… You cannot have a European Union which argues over every single decimal place on the issue of budgets with each country, and which, when you have an EU member which acts like Poland or Hungary on issues linked to universities and learning, or refugees, or fundamental values, decides to do nothing.”

Modern Tokyo Times in a past article stated, “The continent of Europe is once more beset by major convulsions of which many are self-induced. Once, it appeared that the European Union was based on the interests of the respective citizens of each nation. Sadly, certain political leaders, especially Chancellor Merkel of Germany, are bent on dictating a dangerous social experiment that is creating more divisions within various member nations. Therefore, the four members of Visegrad must not become divided by outside issues because Germany will seek to divide and rule under Merkel.”

Modern Tokyo Times continued, “Indeed, not only must the Visegrad Group (V4) of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia strengthen areas in relation to culture, economics, immigration, innovation, and other essential areas; but also the V4 must equally expand its influence within the natural geopolitical reality of this group. In other words, nations like Austria in the heart of Central Europe must be given priority to forge a permanent group of influence to a higher extent based on greater unity.”

It now appears that another elitist called Macron, if he is elected, will follow the social experiment of Merkel and other politically correct elites. In other words, Macron is aloof to the bread and butter issues in his native France – nor to the growing reality of Sunni Islamist terrorism and indoctrination that is like a virus that seeks to de-energize its host. Hence, Macron seeks to challenge traditional European values and to alter the demographics of this continent and he will do this – just like Merkel – from the wealth they have generated and from the distance they keep from “the real France” and “real Germany.”



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