Elitist politician Shinjiro Koizumi takes time off during the Coronavirus crisis in Japan

Elitist politician Shinjiro Koizumi takes time off during the Coronavirus crisis in Japan

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The elitist politician Shinjiro Koizumi was born with a political silver spoon because his father is a former prime minister of Japan. Hence, it isn’t a shock that such an elitist politician would take 12 days off during the ongoing coronavirus crisis (Covid-19).

It is understood that since the middle of January that Koizumi took 12 days off for paternity. Yet, being the Environment Minister of Japan, then the timing is horrendous because the coronavirus crisis is creating many problems for this country.

However, shockingly, it seems to escape Koizumi that people are extremely worried about the current crisis that emanates from Wuhan in China. Equally, it doesn’t say much for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe because surely all members must note the urgency of the crisis.

This equates to increasing numbers of Japanese nationals coming down with coronavirus in Japan. At the same time, many ordinary nationals who struggle with the usual bread and butter issues of life also fear infection. Therefore, Japanese nationals want to know that the government is taking the crisis seriously – rather than listening to Koizumi taking 12 days off during the ongoing crisis.

Of course, it is understandable that the government of Japan wants men to take parental leave after babies are born. Yet, the timing is terrible and surely Koizumi – if he cares about helping Cabinet members with forming important policies related to the ongoing coronavirus crisis – should be focused on the interest of the country. However, he seems more interested in highlighting his own importance based on a certain smugness that emanates from his elitist upbringing.

Therefore, with more coronavirus cases being announced throughout Japan, it seems that Koizumi is aloof from the urgency of the situation. Sadly, for ordinary Japanese nationals, they have to face the everyday reality of life in the knowledge that a certain Cabinet Minister puts himself first during a serious crisis in Japan.


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