Ethnic tensions in Darfur leads to 100,000 fleeing: Humanitarian assistance is needed

Ethnic tensions in Darfur leads to 100,000 fleeing: Humanitarian assistance is needed

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The situation in Darfur remains volatile after recent ethnic clashes between the Arabs and Massalits. At the same time, recent political changes in Sudan means that negative forces may seek to sow more mayhem for the Khartoum government.

It is believed that approximately 250 people perished in clashes between Arabs and Massalits in the middle of January. Bloodletting in turn led to roughly 100,000 people fleeing. Therefore, urgent international assistance is needed.

In response to the recent crisis in Darfur, the World Food Program is increasing its support of food and other essentials. Thus humanitarian assistance in this volatile part of Sudan remains essential despite the recent more inclusive nature of Sudan’s political elites.

Voice of America reports, “The U.N.s World Food Program reports around 70,000 of the displaced are gathered in more than 70 centers across El-Geneina, the capital of West Darfur.  Agency spokesman Tomson Phiri says people are in a weakened condition, many suffering from moderate or acute malnutrition.”

International agencies are concerned that food shortages will be increased because many are subsistence farmers. Hence, fleeing land that needs tilling will lead to further strains on communities that are already struggling. Therefore, the situation in parts of Darfur remains critical.


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