EU and US Support Attack Helicopters to be used in the Ukraine while G-7 Provides Finance

EU and US Support Attack Helicopters to be used in the Ukraine while G-7 Provides Finance

Galina Zobova, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The nations of the G-7, the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are all intent on propping up a one-sided version of the Ukraine. It now appears that democratic nations are reaching a new low in statecraft because suddenly the blood of Russian civilians seems to mean little. Therefore, diktats from Kiev are supporting the usage of attack helicopters and heavy artillery in order for one-side to gain control and enforce its nationalist version on all the people of the Ukraine.

In Donetsk it is clear that the usage of attack helicopters and other powerful military hardware was not only intended for opposition forces opposed to the diktats of Kiev. It was also a clear signal to civilians in this city that they will increasingly become victims if they continue with their defiance. At the same time, Western analysts and elites hope to create “a nightmare scenario” for President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation. This applies to trying to drag this nation into an open minor conflict in order to isolate the Russian Federation; to expand the role of NATO based on media propaganda that will follow; and on the opposite side of the coin is that images of dead Russian civilians will impact at home if the Russian Federation does nothing.

Of course, NATO doesn’t want open confrontation, just like the Russian Federation isn’t interested in a protracted war, but NATO powers know that they can milk the situation in order to contain this nation. Also, the increasing usage of heavy weapons by elites in Kiev means that Western powers are enacting plan B based on causing internal problems for Putin. After all, images of dead Russian civilians and the usage of attack helicopters against pro-federalist forces will tarnish the reputation of Putin according to the EU, US and NATO gambit. In other words, anti-Russian Federation forces hope to entrap the Russian Federation either way based on isolating this nation, to crush an independent voice in the world, to expand the role of NATO and to show the ineffectiveness of the armed forces of this nation in the face of Western encroachment.

This gambit is dangerous because in the Crimea and in Georgia the Russian Federation refused to play ball. Yet, it appears that NATO powers and certain nations in the EU believe that the Ukraine is a nation whereby they can utilize the situation in order to expand their hegemony in this part of the world. Alas, the election of the new leader of the Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, promises to unleash more bloodshed based on powerful external intrigues.

It should be remembered that despite all the anti-Russian Federation propaganda that Russians in the Southeast are not threatening Western Ukraine. On the contrary, it is the elites of Western Ukraine that are intent on crushing all opposition forces. Therefore, the mass demonstrations in Kiev that altered the political landscape in the Ukraine did so by using force and now the elites based in Kiev are using attack helicopters in Donetsk.

The role of elite powers in the international community is shocking because the Ukraine is utilizing the money lifeline in order to kill in cities like Donetsk. In other words economic support from America, the EU, G-7 and IMF is being utilized in order to boost the armed forces of this nation.


Petro Poroshenko, the newly elected leader supports the ongoing military operation because he stated: “I support its continuation, but demand a change in its format – it must be shorter and it must be more effective, military units must be better equipped.”

Indeed, the latest attack against opposition forces in Donetsk took place shortly after it became known that Poroshenko would be elected. This reality would imply that elites in Kiev and in the corridors of power in certain NATO nations had a well-orchestrated plan.

Daniel Patrick Welch reported to RT about the attack against Slavyansk: We see what that means today – shelling against civilians, bombs that fall near occupied apartment blocks, fighter jets, and helicopter launches against an urban population.”

Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, states: “Task number one and probably a test for the endurance of Kiev’s authorities, taking into account the results of the election, is to immediately halt military actions against civilians, and stop any kind of violence by all parties.”

RIA Novosti reports about the latest violence by stating: Monday’s clashes began when forces loyal to Kiev launch an attack at the Donetsk airport. The self-defense forces retreated after being bombed by Ukrainian aircraft. National Guard units of the Kiev regime began moving toward the center of the city, but federalists blocked their path with vehicles, and a firefight broke out.”

However, the intense firepower being assisted by economic support from America, the EU and G-7 means that more bloodshed will flow because elites in Kiev desire a diktat to cover the entire nation. It remains to be seen how the Russian Federation will respond to such blatant and one-sided aggression . After all, power brokers in Moscow fully understand the covert nature of major Western powers. Therefore, Putin must weigh up all options and then follow through with the best-case scenario but this must be done via statecraft. Of course, if more Russians continue to die in the Ukraine – and images of civilians being killed blatantly are witnessed by the masses in the Russian Federation – then certain military assistance may become a necessity. Without a doubt, the Russian Federation doesn’t want this option to materialize, and some EU nations are also opposed to the dangerous stance being taken by elites in Kiev.

Lavrov sums up the situation because he states the current military operation “has turned into a terrorizing campaign against the citizens of Ukraine on the grounds of their political beliefs.”

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