French teacher beheaded by Islamist for teaching: Why refugee status?

French teacher beheaded by Islamist for teaching: Why refugee status?

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Another brutal Islamist terrorist attack struck France once more. This time, the victim was beheaded for being a teacher and having the audacity to believe in freedom. However, in the mindset of the Islamist, his God (Allah) and prophet must come before all ideas that envisage pluralism, secularism, and free speech.

Yet, before focusing on the gruesome crime serious questions must be raised. After all, why was the family of this 18-year-old killer given refugee status in the first place?

It should be stated that in Chechnya religious pluralism isn’t supported in this part of the Russian Federation. Equally, members of the homosexual community reside in fear because of aspects of Islamic Sharia law related to certain Hadiths. However, in other parts of the Russian Federation, the legal system is extremely different.

The anti-terrorism prosecutor of France, Jean-François Ricard, acknowledged that the terrorist was born in Moscow but was an ethnic Chechen. More important, Ricard says he was a refugee and legally living in France. Yet, why was his family given refugee status when Islam is a protected religion in the Russian Federation?

In the Russian Federation, the religions of Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Orthodox Christianity are all protected – and others. Equally important, several parts of the Russian Federation are Muslim dominated and all Central Asian nations are predominantly Muslim.

Likewise, if his family – or network of friends – are extremely conservative and opposed to the current Chechen leader – then how about other conservative Muslim nations that are much nearer than secular France? For example, why didn’t his family – and others connected to him – move to Iran or Turkey?

Despite this, his family moved to France despite having ample opportunities to reside in other parts of the Russian Federation – or Muslim dominated Central Asia – or regional Muslim nations including Iran and Turkey. This beggars belief how his family became refugees in the first place. After all, the Muslim faith is protected in the Russian Federation.

Instead, individuals supporting a dangerous ideology who presumably pass it on – or they learn from a network of friends – are given dubious refugee status in a secular nation. The upshot being France is continuously blighted by Islamist terrorism. Also, Islamists from France – including converts – are also butchering Alawites, Christians, Muslims, and enslaving Yazidis in conflicts in the Middle East.

Hence, another citizen of France was brutally killed by the same religious fanatics that kill in the name of Islam. This time it was a teacher before him it was a priest, and it goes on and on.

President Macron said, “One of our compatriots was murdered today because he taught (…) the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe or not believe.”

The BBC reports about the victim. This agency says, “Mr Ricard said Mr Paty had been the target of threats since he showed the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class about freedom of speech, in relation to the Charlie Hebdo case.”

However, the real debate should be refugee status belongs to people fleeing nations where internal – or regional options don’t exist. For example, the Yazidis and Kurds are stateless – Middle East Christians don’t have a majority nation to flee to – and so forth.

Islamist terrorism in France will continue to threaten France internally – and, unbelievably, to also threaten Alawites, Christians, Muslims, and Yazidis in distant lands.

Is this – and the refugee system – good enough?


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