Gulf Sponsored Sectarianism and Iraq: Western Intrigues and Syria

Gulf Sponsored Sectarianism and Iraq: Western Intrigues and Syria

Boutros Hussein, Ramazan Khalidov and Joachim de Villiers

Modern Tokyo Times


Another day in Iraq and once more many people have been killed by brutal Islamist terrorists who slaughter and persecute the Shia while cleansing other minorities like the Christian community. Of course, for al-Qaeda affiliates and various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS, then killing people while attending Shia mosques, murdering people in markets and even attacking funerals is second nature. President Obama may have pulled American troops out of Iraq but this can’t distract from why America under George Bush entered in the first place; and neither can it exonerate America from deserting Iraq after helping to create the ongoing sectarian and terrorist nightmare based on destabilizing Syria.

Indeed, the current leaders of America, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, should all be condemned and be held accountable for their destabilization policies in Syria. After all, it is no coincidence that over the last 18 months that sectarianism and terrorism is on the rise once more in Iraq. This is based on Gulf and Western powers supporting the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various sectarian terrorist groups in Syria. In other words, the people of Iraq have been stabbed once by outside nations which unleashed forces that they couldn’t contain; and now, Iraq is being stabbed and bled to death once more in order to destabilize Syria and overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Saudi Arabia played a murky role in Iraq when allied troops were based in this nation because the most sizeable number of jihadists came from this nation after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. At the same time, Gulf petrodollars and other sectarian forces supported al-Qaeda affiliates and other Sunni Islamist extremist groups. This reality meant that thousands of American and British troops – and other allies, were killed based on the murky role of Saudi Arabia irrespective if this was state sanctioned, based on Islamist Salafi clerics inciting sectarianism and jihad, the role of rogue Islamist charities in Saudi Arabia and other factors. Despite this, just like September 11 which was done by mainly Saudi nationals – and just like Saudi Arabia is allowed to ban all non-Muslim holy places and kill apostates to Christianity – then it appears that Riyadh is out of reach when it comes to Western elites.

Turning back to recent events in Iraq then another terrorist attack just killed at least 21 people and this number may rise once the full extent is known. People were murdered brutally by Islamist militants for merely going shopping in market areas. Yes, just like the al-Shabab (al-Shabaab) in Somalia, who slaughtered many in a shopping mall in Kenya in the past; then Islamist terrorists in Iraq also use the same modus operandi but the difference being they do this frequently in this country. More alarmingly, ISIS is now involved in many massacres but based on even more brutal barbarity based on killing in higher numbers while filming their brutal crimes in order to obtain more Gulf petrodollars.

Al-Monitor provides a quote from a young Iraqi poet named Ali Wajih that says everything about the modern day reality of Iraq. The poet states: “I’m no longer intimidated by death. Do not worry, I’m hallucinating. I talk about death, and laugh with my friends. Haven’t I told you that death has become trivial?”

Iraq continues to bleed and all minorities fear annihilation in Syria if al-Qaeda backed groups and the FSA emerges victorious in this nation. Around 50% of the Christian population fled Iraq because they were left to fend for themselves after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and now vast numbers are fleeing ISIS in 2014. America and the United Kingdom at no point concerned themselves about the plight of Christians. The Kurds at least had a vast area to provide self-defensive mechanisms in Iraq. However, the Christians and other minorities like the Shabaks and Mandaeans had no militia to protect them. Therefore, vast numbers fled the carnage and chaos of Iraq and once more they are fleeing in modern times based on the evil deeds of ISIS.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times comments that “In modern day Syria it is clear that once more Western nations aren’t concerned about the demise of Christianity in this part of the world. Likewise, Western nations don’t worry about destabilizing nations and causing untold misery; while abetting the sectarianism of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The latest slaughter by Islamist terrorists in Iraq is linked to the intrigues of Gulf nations and radical Salafists – which seek to tear the Middle East apart based on sectarianism. Similarly, the beheading barbarity of the FSA and al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria is based on the brutal policies of Gulf and Western powers. What Iraq and Syria needs, is for outside nations to stop meddling throughout the region, for Salafi clerics to stop inciting hatred and for Gulf petrodollars to be held accountable.”

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance to all three writers


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