Hezbollah and the Levant: Gulf, NATO powers and Israel are dancing with the Takfiri devil

Hezbollah and the Levant: Gulf, NATO powers and Israel are dancing with the Takfiri devil

and the Takfiri Threat in the Levant: Intrigues of the Gulf, NATO and Israel

Salma Zribi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


If you reside in Israel or Saudi Arabia and you happen to be a NATO member like Turkey, then it appears that you don’t have to currently worry about the Takfiri threat. After all, various al-Qaeda affiliated groups only hate the Alawites, Christians, secularists and Sunni Muslims opposed to their Takfiri worldview. Their hatred is also only confined to spreading sectarianism in the Levant and Iraq within the region – of course Takfiris are causing mayhem in many other nations like Nigeria and Somalia.  In other words, they appear to be a dream ticket for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and powerful NATO powers like Turkey that hate independent Syria.

Of course, blowback in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and throughout the world is extremely possible because Salafi indoctrination can create many lone wolfs that were not intended (recent terrorist attack in Belgium in a Jewish Museum may indicate this because it appears that the individual involved had gone to Syria based on the Takfiri ticket). Similarly, just like various sectarian Islamist forces in Afghanistan once worked hand-in-hand with America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and others in the 1980s and early 1990s, then the same militant Islamist forces may one day turn against their masters – only time will tell. However, even now in northern Syria and along the borders with Turkey, it is abundantly clear that many individuals are alarmed by the policies being implemented by the Erdogan government in relation to blowback. Likewise, you now have gradual signs that the Salafi indoctrination bandwagon is reaching more Palestinians and the same applies to the growing tentacles of al-Qaeda.

Indeed, the one reality related to Takfiris and Islamist militants is that the next group of leaders will be even more brutal and illogical than the original founders. The paranoid world of Takfiri jihadists doesn’t appear to have any boundaries once the Salafi mindset is set to “year zero.” This reality was witnessed first in Afghanistan because gradually religious indoctrination would turn against anything that moved. Sadly, this is the power of Gulf petrodollars and enormous indoctrination because it unnerves the weak and sucks the lust out of any notions of humanity and religious diversity. Instead, the paranoid jihadist world enters a savage state whereby beheading, suicide bombings, killing people at weddings – and so forth – becomes a state of reality.

At the same time, powerful NATO powers including America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom don’t mind “dancing with the Islamist Takfiri devil” when it suits. Afghanistan in the 1980s is witness to this reality and this was followed by Bosnia and then utilized against Gaddafi in Libya. More recently, the same reality of Gulf and NATO powers teaming up with al-Qaeda affiliates, various terrorist forces, mercenaries – and other sinister forces – is currently being fine tuned in Syria in order to crush the secular government of this nation.

Also, like a magician, Gulf and NATO powers have also found convenient proxies to do their biding in Syria while marketing this under the disguise of democracy. Even Houdini would never have been so bold. After all, how do you sell terrorist and sectarian forces that train children to behead captured soldiers and where opposition forces cut open Syrian soldiers? If you happen to be John Kerry, Laurent Fabius, Ahmet Davutoglu or William Hague, then clearly this isn’t a problem. Therefore, the same foreign ministers keep on plying the words democracy, liberty, freedom – and so forth; meanwhile, in the real Syria, all religious minorities fear opposition terrorist forces because of their utter barbarity.

Prior to outside meddling in Syria the Christian community and refugees from several nations were all protected by the government of Syria. Similarly, various sects within Islam all freely mingled in major cities and throughout this nation. Likewise, women never had to fear the dark shadows that exist in Saudi Arabia. However, once outside nations meddled into the affairs of Syria then the destabilization policies of supporting sectarianism, terrorism and sedition began to unleash daily atrocities.

Takfiris aren’t content with solely spreading death and destruction to the people of Syria. No, like a useful puppet this movement is set on attacking Hezbollah in Lebanon. Of course, Iraq also can’t escape the nightmare of this Takfiri and sectarian threat because this movement is obsessed with its anti-Shia cause.

Al-Nusra stated: We, Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon, announce that Iran’s party (Hezbollah) and all its bases and…bastions are legitimate targets for us, wherever they are.”

Al Ahram Online reports: The statement comes three days after the group — which is believed to be a franchise of the Syrian Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda linked rebel movement — claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in Beirut’s southern suburbs that killed four people.”

The Israel and Saudi Arabia dream ticket of reducing the influence of Iran and cutting Hezbollah down to size is all kindly being done by various terrorist and sectarian groups. Likewise, in Syria it is clear that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar desire to see a nation state under the rule of sectarian Sunni Muslims (majority 0f Sunni Muslims in Syria support the Syrian government) that bow down to them. Of course, for Israel it is a great chance to crush the last major independent state in the Arabic speaking world and reducing the power of Syria.

In the past the secular based nations of Egypt, Iraq and Syria were the trinity of strong nation states in the Arabic speaking world. Now, all three nations face serious issues related to central power and the unity of their respective nation state. Similarly, all three nations face serious issues related to terrorism and fighting against poverty because of the havoc being created by various Islamist organizations. However, it does look like Egypt is emerging based on the strong policies of El-Sisi and because the masses rose up against the conspiracy.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia and Israel have escaped the mayhem that currently blights many parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Is all this a coincidence – or, do you have reasons behind the current state of affairs in this part of the world?

Also, in the short-term Israel, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and several NATO powers may be pleased by their meddling in the Levant. However, in the long-term you may have blowback and instability in reverse based on self-induced chaos. Pakistan is a prime example because this nation laid the foundation for destabilizing itself after supporting various terrorist and sectarian groups. If Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are a guide to blowback and increasing sectarianism and terrorism – then Israel and Saudi Arabia may yet feel what they helped to unleash alongside other nations like Qatar and Turkey. Therefore, the intended endings may once more create more mayhem internally for nations involved in the sinister deeds being implemented in the Levant. Similarly, just like Madrid and September 11 can be traced to “the friends of a friend;” then Europe should also wake up to the destabilization of Syria because many jihadists from this continent are going to the Levant.

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