Hezbollah Condemns Takfiri Instability in Lebanon

Hezbollah Condemns Takfiri Instability in Lebanon

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Hezbollah fully understands the need to preserve the delicate Christian, Muslim and Druze balance throughout the Levant. Indeed, within the strands of Christianity and Islam you have many different sects throughout the Levant. This reality means that the influence of Takfiris is a genuine threat to all religious communities. Therefore, Hezbollah fully supports the rich religious mosaic of the Levant.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of media attention is focused on events in Iraq, Syria and Gaza. Yet, the recent fighting in Arsal in Lebanon is a clear reminder that this nation faces a major external threat that seeks to chip away at the indigenous religious mosaic of Lebanon.

It is known that 16 soldiers from the armed forces of Lebanon were killed along with at least twelve civilians when fighting flared up in Arsal. More alarming, it once more shows that Gulf, Western and the meddling of Turkey are paving the way for more chaos. After all, military hardware, Gulf petrodollars, a biased media campaign against Syria, terrorist networks, the role of outside covert agencies – and other brutal realities backing sectarianism – have all collectively helped to spread death and destruction. Of course, the intended victim was Syria but the knock on effect also created more carnage in Iraq following on from the destabilization of this nation since the demise of Saddam Hussein.

Hizbullah Media Relations comments: “The latest of these crimes was the attacks targeting posts of the Lebanese Army (LA) and Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Arsal and its outskirts, which led to the martyrdom and injury of numerous soldiers and civilians, not to mention the abduction of several LA and ISF members.”

“Such ongoing crimes committed by the organized terrorist groups -supported by a foreign umbrella and local justification- are proof to the danger threatening Lebanon and its people of all sects and affiliations.”

Hezbollah made it abundantly clear that all communities, irrespective of faith, must “unite to confront this threat.”

In Syria, it is clear that Takfiris cleanse all religious communities and that indigenous Sunni Muslims opposed to their brutal methodology also meet the same fate. Indeed, the Takfiri sword just adores killing therefore one day it is the Shia that are butchered, another day it is a Sunni Muslim that is suddenly deemed to be an apostate – at the same time cleansing Christians and other minorities is part and parcel of their modus operandi. Of course, this doesn’t stop the flow of Gulf petrodollars or the intrigues of Turkey. However, this reality doesn’t seem to concern the United Nations and other major institutions.

Hezbollah once more condemned the Takfiri menace by stating: “It goes without saying that the Takfiri approach of terrorism has proven undoubtedly that it’s the enemy of all, without exception, because it is a bloody destructive approach that is based on blind fanaticism and the mentality of exclusion, slaughter and lynching.”

The Takfiri threat to Iraq and Syria is now trying to open a new front in Lebanon by increasing its activities. Of course, border areas between Lebanon and Syria have been problematic since outside nations began to interfere into the internal affairs of Syria. However, with the Takfiri menace growing in power in parts of Iraq – and having a firm foothold in parts of Syria – then the Lebanese are right to be concerned by events in Arsal and other hot spots like Tripoli in Lebanon.



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