Hindus killed in Myanmar after ARSA attack: Army evacuates 4,000 Buddhists and Hindus

Hindus killed in Myanmar after ARSA attack: Army evacuates 4,000 Buddhists and Hindus

Boutros Hussein, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The armed forces of Myanmar have evacuated approximately 4,000 non-Muslims, the vast majority being Buddhists and Hindus after Islamic forces within the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) launched attacks against military personnel and non-Muslim civilians. It is known that six Hindus were killed after ARSA operations and this follows on from a spate of other attacks against Buddhists by the Muslim Rohingya that led to reprisals. Therefore, once more violence was triggered by the Rohingya despite endless biased reports against central forces in Myanmar.

Historically, in the last few decades, more Christians have perished in Myanmar despite the pro-Muslim agenda being espoused by the mass media. Indeed, the nation of Myanmar is enormously diverse in terms of ethnicity and religion. Hence, many different military groups exist and just like Afghanistan, the narcotics angle is extremely critical. After all, just like Sunni Islamists peddle from the narcotics trade in Afghanistan, it is equally clear that this trade enables various military groups to protect respective geographic spheres of influence.

It is known that in the latest attack by the Rohingya that they once more showed the sectarian nature of the conflict, on top of ethnic issues. This is visible by the killing of Hindus by Muslims in the ARSA. Equally disturbing, it is known that monasteries were targeted – just like Sunni Islamists in various nations target Shia mosques in parts of Asia and the Middle East.

Aung San Suu Kyi said militant forces began “torching police outposts and monasteries, killing innocent people and planting mines.”

Reuters reports, “The fighting – triggered by coordinated attacks on Friday by insurgents wielding sticks, knives and crude bombs on 30 police posts and an army base – has killed 104 people and led to the flight of large numbers of Muslim Rohingya and Buddhist civilians from the northern part of Rakhine state.”

The latest attack by Islamists in the ARSA is a reminder that the conflict is complex and far from the one-sided mass media version of events. Overall, it is clear that Myanmar is beset with numerous ethnic and religious issues stretching from border areas with Bangladesh to border areas with China. Therefore, Aung San Suu Kyi needs more understanding because the situation in Myanmar is extremely complex and far from being based on “good” versus “evil.”


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