Hong Kong crisis: Carrie Lam warns of “Abyss” and China stresses “terrorism”

Hong Kong crisis: Carrie Lam warns of “Abyss” and China stresses “terrorism”

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The ongoing crisis in Hong Kong is unsettling the leader, Carrie Lam. Likewise, political elites in Beijing are dismayed by the longevity of the crisis in Hong Kong. Hence, Lam is now expressing her fear that anti-government elements are pushing the crisis into an “abyss.”

Lam uttered, “Take a minute to think, look at our city, our home – do you all really want to see it pushed into an abyss?”

Reuters reports, “A state of “panic and chaos” exists in Hong Kong, the city’s embattled leader said on Tuesday, defying calls to quit as the stock market tumbled, airlines flagged further flight disruptions and anti-government protesters filled the airport.”

Similar harsh words and tacit warnings are also being uttered by political elites in Beijing. Yang Guang, a spokesperson for the HKMAO (Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office), followed recent harsh words with a more severe condemnation.

Last week, the HKMAO spokesperson warned that protestors in Hong Kong must not “mistake restraint for weakness.”

Yet now the same individual is upping the rhetoric because he stressed that the “first signs of terrorism” is now beginning to show.

However, protestors fear the crushing of freedom in Hong Kong and they oppose the aloofness of Lam and her arrogant approach. This applies to her approach to the Extradition Bill and the hand of the Chinese Communist Party.

Since the early protests broke out it soon became clear that Lam didn’t understand the genuine fears of Hong Kong protestors. Yet, unlike the early stages, the situation is now spiraling out of control. Therefore, other important demands have been raised based on the response of the state apparatus.

According to the BBC, the public broadcaster of Hong Kong (RTHK) rebuked Lam strongly. A member of RTHK said, “When will you accept political responsibility to end citizens’ fear? When will you be willing to step down? When will you tell the police to stop?”

Of course, for demonstrators, they fear the dismantling of the “one country, two systems” pledge that enshrines a degree of autonomy for the people of Hong Kong. Hence, it seems inconceivable that Lam can stay in power without the state apparatus enforcing the rule of law by strong-arm tactics.






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