Hungary Defends Poland against EU Inquisition: Orban says, “Will Europe be inhabited by Europeans?”

Hungary Defends Poland against EU Inquisition: Orban says, “Will Europe be inhabited by Europeans?”

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Victor Orban of Hungary hit out at the European Union (EU) in relation to statements made against Poland. At the same time, he raised the issue once more of mass immigration that is altering the cultural, religious, and ethnic landscape of parts of Europe.

The EU is on a collision course with the Visegrad bloc consisting of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. Similarly, voices in Austria are equally being raised against the policies of certain EU nations – and EU policy makers – over the issue of mass immigration. Therefore, negative statements made against Poland by the EU is part and parcel of undermining the sovereignty of Visegrad nations that oppose the diktats of the EU.

Reuters reports, “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday that Budapest would defend Poland as the European Union threatens Warsaw with sanctions over its plans to extend government control over its courts.”

This is based on Poland overhauling aspects of the justice system. Internally, some street protests have occurred in Poland in response to Members of Parliament backing a bill that gives the Justice Minister new power. Hence, if enacted, politicians and the Justice Minister of this nation will pick Supreme Court judges.

Irrespective of the merits of this new policy, if enacted, according to the leader of Hungary – and other politicians throughout Visegrad – it is an internal issue. However, the European Council President, Donald Tusk, disputes this because according to him – and other senior EU officials – issues involving law, immigration, human rights, and other important areas, come under the jurisdiction of the EU.

Tusk said, “Bringing the courts under the control of the governing party in the manner proposed by the Law and Justice Party will ruin the already tarnished public opinion about Polish democracy.”

Other voices opposing Poland have been raised strongly. For example, the BBC reports, The European Commission’s Vice-President, Frans Timmermans, has threatened to withdraw Poland’s voting rights in EU meetings if Warsaw does not suspend the reform.”

In response to attacks by the EU against Poland, the leader of Hungary is adamant that it is yet another diktat against a sovereign nation. Orban said, “The inquisition offensive against Poland can never succeed because Hungary will use all legal options in the European Union to show solidarity with the Poles.”

Orban believes that patriotic movements throughout the EU are under threat from a political inquisition that is furthering non-European multi-cultural values. Similarly, massive non-European immigration is altering the landscape of major cities in parts of Europe at a rapid speed – despite being opposed by many indigenous Europeans. Therefore, growing Sunni Islamist terrorism and other negative forces are entering a vacuum that is being created by a politically correct EU inquisition.

Orban said, “Will Europe be inhabited by Europeans? Will Hungary be inhabited by Hungarians, Germany by Germans, France by the French, Italy by Italians? Who will live in Europe?”

Orban further stated, “We can never show solidarity with ideas and peoples whose goal is to change our lives. We cannot show solidarity or we risk losing our identity.”

It is clear that Visegrad nations seek to preserve the cultural, Christian, and ethnic identities of each nation state. At the same time, these nations don’t seek to replace communist tyranny for EU diktats. Therefore, Orban wants Europe to reinvigorate itself based on positive traditions of the past – focusing on modern technology and furthering business opportunities – and supporting the original traditions of the EU that is outside of the politically correct EU mantra and diktats that threaten the liberty of individual nations.

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