International Covid-19 deaths reach 600,000: America, Brazil, India, Mexico, and the UK

International Covid-19 deaths reach 600,000: America, Brazil, India, Mexico, and the UK

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The international death toll from coronavirus (Covid-19) will surpass 600,000 in the next twenty-four hours. Hence, the global economy and a return to normal remains distant even if some nations are in recovery mode.

America, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Mexico have the most deaths internationally. Meanwhile, India will continue to rise in the death table because of a steep increase in new infections.

The current death tolls are America 141,930, Brazil 77,932, the United Kingdom 45,233, Mexico 37,573, and India 26,285. France, Italy, and Spain have more deaths than India but as the United Kingdom, they are at different stages of recovery. Thus, deaths per day are now extremely low in France, Italy, and Spain – while gradually coming down in the United Kingdom. Therefore, India will continue to climb up the death table because new infections are extremely high and the death toll is increasing with each new day.

Deaths per million provide a more realistic picture because of huge differences in population size. Thus deaths per million are the United Kingdom 666, Spain 608, Italy 579, France 462, America 429, Brazil 367, Mexico 291, and India 19. However, deaths per million will continue to increase more dramatically in America, Brazil, Mexico, and India compared with the European nations mentioned above.

Parts of Europe became the first killing ground of coronavirus after the virus emerged in the city of Wuhan in China. America and then the entire Americas became the second mass killing ground and the deaths are continuing to flow. Therefore, the nations of America, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru are all currently engulfed by the coronavirus crisis – while figures from Nicaragua appear untrustworthy.

In the Middle East and South Asia, the death toll and infections are climbing. Iran is the anomaly throughout the region. This is because deaths began early during the pandemic but after many months the crisis is still ongoing in Iran. Hence, deaths are India 26,285, Iran 13,791, Pakistan 5,475, Turkey 5,458, Egypt 4,188, Iraq 3,616, Bangladesh 2,547, and Saudi Arabia 2,407.

Overall, apart from Turkey and European nations mentioned in this article where the crisis is seemingly under control, the other nations have ongoing problems in containing the coronavirus crisis. Sadly, this means that deaths will continue to flow because infections are extremely high. Therefore, the economic, political, and social convulsions will continue along with more deaths. World coronavirus statistics


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