Iran hangs two homosexuals under Islamic Sharia law

Iran hangs two homosexuals under Islamic Sharia law

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Two homosexuals were recently hanged in Iran for the act of “sodomy.” Hence, homosexuals and apostates from Islam continue to face brutal punishments in this country. Therefore, the concept of religious freedom – and allowing sexual minorities to exist – are acts that are crushed by Islamic Sharia law.

Associated Press reports, “Iran has executed two gay men who were convicted on charges of sodomy and spent six years on death row, a rights group reported. Homosexuality is illegal in Iran, considered one of the most repressive places in the world for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

Mehrdad Karimpour and Farid Mohammadi were killed for being homosexual. One can only imagine the terror they faced for six years on death row. Deprived of liberty, fearing the tyranny of the state apparatus, and facing prejudice every day in prison.

Unsurprisingly, Iran tolerates older males marrying young girls. Hence, the sexual morality code is clearly warped and hypocritical.

Reuters reports, concerning events after the Islamic Revolution, that “Many clerics in Iran say Sharia law allows girls to marry at nine, which became the legal age for marriage in 1982 – following the Islamic Revolution – and remained so until 2002.”

Even today, many young girls are married every year. Last year, Iran International said, “Child marriage has risen over 30 percent in Iran this year from the same period last year, with 9,750 girls aged 10-14 officially wed in a three-month period.

Shadi Amin, an Iranian writer who resides in Germany, said, “Many homosexuals tell us of abuse, torture and threats faced by their families and friends. As long as the country’s laws do not change, the situation of homosexuals in Iran will not improve.” 

Sadly, the words of Shadi Amin are correct. Hence, the state apparatus under Islamic Sharia law killed Mehrdad Karimpour and Farid Mohammadi for being homosexual. Therefore, the tyranny unleashed by the Iranian Islamic Revolution continues today – just like it did in 1979.


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