Iran Should Utilize the Nuclear Issue for the Shia Houthis and Syria: US and Gulf States

Iran Should Utilize the Nuclear Issue for the Shia Houthis and Syria: US and Gulf States

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Iran must utilize the talks over the nuclear issue in order to protect the people of Syria from Gulf and NATO based sectarian forces. At the same time, Iran must do more in Yemen because of the deeds of Saudi Arabia and other nations in the coalition against the Shia Houthis. Sadly, like usual, the Obama administration is playing the usual “double-devious hand” by on the one-side appearing to be open to Iran, but, on the other hand, America is siding with anti-Syrian and anti-Shia Houthi forces. Therefore, it is imperative that Iran brings important geopolitical concerns to the table.

It should be noted that the government of Syria is fighting to preserve its independence. Also, the Damascus based government is doing its best to protect all Syrian nationals irrespective of faith. Given this reality, the survival of Christianity in Syria – and that of other minorities – is dependent upon the current government of President Bashar al-Assad. Similarly, the plight of women within society depends on the current government because sinister forces like ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and Nusra (al-Nusrah) seek to turn the Takfiri clock back to year zero.

Likewise, the Shia Houthis in Yemen have been persecuted for decades therefore the current rise of this movement needs much needed outside support. Sadly, like usual, the Obama administration, and powerful feudal Gulf states, alongside the whims of the current leader of Israel, are all siding with failed political puppets that support the systematic persecution of the Shia in Yemen. This reality means that al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS are gaining in Yemen because of the deeds of combined forces under Saudi Arabia and the intrigues of the Obama administration.

Iran also needs to remind America, Western powers and powerful feudal Gulf powers that somehow they appear happy to tolerate Israel and Pakistan having nuclear weapons. Yet, Iran, a nation based on a powerful and rich civilization, is deemed a threat. In reality, how many nations really trust Pakistan based on the role of this nation in supporting the Taliban and an array of terrorist and sectarian forces against the people of Afghanistan. Likewise, India knows full well the terrorist ratlines of Pakistan in relation to the mainland and the delicate issue of Kashmir. Therefore, with powerful Takfiri forces in Pakistan threatening the central state of Pakistan – alongside the central government of this nation being involved in terrorist and destabilization intrigues – then how is Iran deemed to be a bigger threat?

The BBC reports: “The world powers, known as the P5+1 group – the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – want to ensure that Iran cannot develop nuclear weapons.”

Of course, like previously mentioned, Israel and Pakistan, and powerful nation states, have a free reign to develop their nuclear arsenal. More seriously, can any nation really claim that they aren’t worried about the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan given the terrorist intrigues of this nation?

The BBC further reports: “Iran denies it is aiming to build nuclear weapons and is hoping that a deal will lead to the lifting of international sanctions.”

However, irrespective of the importance of the nuclear issue, it is essential that Iran stands-up for Syria and the Shia Houthis of Yemen. After all, nations like NATO Turkey, Qatar and Turkey are bastions for international jihadists, financing sectarianism, supporting instability and plying the agenda of Washington. Therefore, Iran must utilize the powerful cards they have and this includes isolating America further in Iraq unless Washington relents from its anti-Syria and anti-Yemen policies.


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