ISIS in Iraq and Syria: Shame on Obama while Hezbollah Helps the Mosaic

ISIS in Iraq and Syria: Shame on Obama while Hezbollah Helps the Mosaic

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Mideast Syria

President Obama and other leaders in France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, should all be held accountable for the re-destabilization of Iraq alongside the destabilization of Libya and Syria. Indeed, the shock waves can be felt in Egypt, Lebanon, Mali, Tunisia, and much further afield. Therefore, leading Gulf and Western powers alongside Turkey have unleashed forces that behead, slaughter minorities, do daily terrorist attacks, destroy cultural monuments and a host of other barbaric realities.

The former leader of America, George Bush junior, began the destabilization of Iraq based on false and untruthful statements. After years of finally appearing to stabilize the situation – despite terrorism being a reality in Iraq – then Obama left the doors wide open while supporting mayhem and chaos in Libya and Syria. This folly is now leading to a major crisis in Iraq that is following on from the planned chaos in Libya and Syria.

Ironically, despite all the hype from Israel and America, it is Hezbollah in Lebanon that is helping the mosaic in the Levant. After all, Christians in Syria are fleeing and being butchered by armed terrorist and sectarian groups that are being supported by Gulf powers and Turkey. Of course, the murky role of America, France and the United Kingdom in assisting the flow of military arms, fighters and mass propaganda is also playing a major part. Therefore, Hezbollah is a stabilizing power that works with the main Christian party in Lebanon under Michel Aoun. This reality conveniently bypasses Israel and America because it doesn’t suit the usual mantra aimed at Hezbollah.

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, warned about the threat of Takfiris by stating: “If these (Takfiri groups) win in Syria, and God willing they will not, Syria will become worse than Afghanistan.”

Nasrallah continued: “If these armed groups win, will there be a future for the Future Movement in Lebanon? Will there be a chance for anyone other than (Takfiris) in the country?”

Indeed, the recent full frontal attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) in Iraq is telling for various reasons. After all, it is clear that ISIS wants to carve up parts of Iraq and Syria respectively in order to create a Takfiri state based on “year Zero Islamism,” whereby Salafi mindsets dictate to all and sundry. However, it is unclear if ISIS is doing this from strength or because gradually the armed forces of Syria and various allies, including Hezbollah, are pushing these forces out of parts of the country. Either way, it is abundantly clear that central forces in Iraq must start to consider a joint military pact with Syria – or at least greater cooperation between both armed forces in order to attack ISIS based on coordinated attacks.

In other words, America firstly destabilized Iraq under Bush junior and then stabbed this nation in the back under Obama when it appeared that the worse was over, therefore Iraq must move closer to the government of Syria. After all, if the Syrian government falls then not only will the mosaic collapse in this nation but Iraq and Lebanon will feel the terrible repercussions to an even worse degree. Therefore, Hezbollah fully understood this in Lebanon and alongside the government of Syria both these forces are on the frontline in the civilizational war, whereby Takfiris, Gulf petrodollars and Western powers seek to crush the mosaic of the Levant.

Under the recent leaders of major NATO and Gulf powers, it is clear that al-Qaeda affiliates and other extremist sectarian groups are flourishing. In the new world order since Obama took office, it is obvious that al-Qaeda and destabilization is spreading based on Gulf petrodollars and the murky policies of leading Western powers. Therefore, various sectarian and Takfiri forces are growing throughout North Africa, West Africa, the Middle East, and in other parts of the world, where Gulf and Western intrigues follow.

In other words, Osama Bin Laden was holed up in a small place in Pakistan (clearly in ill-health and being protected by US supported Pakistan) before being killed. However, today al-Qaeda affiliates and sectarian forces are openly causing mayhem based on the whims of murky foreign policy objectives. The re-run of Afghanistan in the 1980s and 1990s is once more taking place in several nations because the same Gulf and Western powers tried to utilize the “terrorist and sectarian flag.” However, just like the blowback that was witnessed on September 11 when thousands of innocents were killed – then today Iraq is facing this blowback.

The above comment is sickening, because in Syria the same players are openly in league with various terrorist groups, sectarian militias and mercenary forces. In other words, all the beheadings in Syria by Takfiri forces and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) means nothing in the corridors of powers throughout major Gulf and Western nations. Similarly, the knowledge that all religious minorities in Syria face a bloodbath, if the Syrian government collapses, appears not to concern the usual players because they fully understand this reality. However, blowback in Iraq is a different issue because it highlights the utter bankruptcy of Obama and other nations like the United Kingdom. After all, thousands of allied troops died – and vast numbers of civilians are still dying in modern day Iraq. Yet today it is the friends of America, and the Obama administration, that are causing this to happen in Iraq based on their respective policies against the government of Syria.

ISIS is now launching a military offensive in Mosul and in other parts of Iraq. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is still talking about assisting various forces in Syria while Iraq is burning and the Levant is being threatened. Currently, the only saving grace is that Hezbollah refuses to bow down to international pressure. Therefore, in Syria the armed forces of this nation and other loyal forces to President Bashar al-Assad are holding out along with Hezbollah in preserving the rich religious mosaic of the Levant. It is high time that the government of Iraq joined forces with Syria and Hezbollah because the friends of America are enabling Gulf petrodollars and international jihadists to spread mayhem throughout Iraq.

Nasrallah stated about Afghanistan: “Consider the experience in Afghanistan. The jihadi Afghani factions fought one of the two most powerful armies in the world, the Soviet army, and it served it with defeat in Afghanistan.

However, Nasrallah continues: “Because there were some factions in Afghanistan that held this Takfiri, exclusionary, eliminatory, bloody, murderous thought (pattern)…the jihadi Afghani factions entered into a bloody conflict between each other…(jihadists) then destroyed neighborhoods, cities, and villages…such things were not even carried out by the Soviet army…And now, where is Afghanistan?”

“From the day that the Soviets withdrew from till today, bring me one day from Afghanistan where there isn’t killings, wounds (inflicted), displacement, destruction, and where there isn’t difficulty in living. Bring me one day in which there is peace, and happiness in life, because of these (groups)…”

Despite the reality of Afghanistan the Obama administration was prepared to sell Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, under his watch and that of current elites in France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom; then al-Qaeda affiliates and various sectarian forces are running riot in many nations. Indeed, Europe is now exporting Takfiri terrorists to the Middle East and other parts of the world in greater numbers. The brutal reality is that Hezbollah and the government of Syria are focused on preserving the rich mosaic of the Levant. However, the forces of sectarianism and terrorism – that are openly supported by the friends of America in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – are now focused on dismantling Iraq just like they dismantled Libya. Therefore, Iraq should realign itself with the government of Syria and Hezbollah because it is abundantly obvious that Gulf petrodollars and Western meddling in the Levant is the root of the current growth of ISIS throughout the region.

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