Japan and G7 nations fail to bully G20 nations: 349 million face food insecurity (India)

Japan and G7 nations fail to bully G20 nations: 349 million face food insecurity (India)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

America, Japan, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and other G7 nations failed once more to bully the Global South and the Russian Federation.

The above nations and blocs never focused on the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Israel-Palestine issue, the crisis throughout the Sahel (the region deteriorated after Libya was destabilized by NATO powers), West Papua, and other issues – notably, 349 million people facing food insecurity in many nations in the Global South.

In recent history, the British, Dutch, and French had parts of their empires in Asia; America used nuclear weapons and Agent Orange to kill Asians; and Japan invaded many nations and committed mass atrocities. India suffered many Islamic invasions and was then ruled by the British Empire. Accordingly, India took a neutral stance. However, it sums up the arrogance of G7 and European Union nations with their endless Ukraine mantra.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India said, “We are also witnessing rising geopolitical tensions in different parts of the world. There are disruptions in global supply chains. Many societies are suffering due to rising prices. And, food and energy security have become major concerns across the world. Even the financial viability of many countries is threatened by unsustainable debt levels.”

Modi continued – and a hint to G7 and EU nations – “I urge you to focus on the most vulnerable people in the world.”

The World Food Programme (WFP) reports, “New estimates from the 79 countries where WFP has an operational presence, and where data is available, show the number of acutely food-insecure people will hit a record high of 349 million in 2022. This is an increase of about 200 million people compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

The WFP continues, “Up to 49 million people across 49 countries are in Emergency or worse levels of acute food insecurity. Without urgent life-saving action, these populations will be at risk of falling into famine-like conditions.”

Voice of America reports, “The United Nations says high food prices in 2022 led to a crisis of affordability that has pushed millions more people into hunger.”

Internationally, children are suffering in increasing numbers. The WFP says approximately 60 million children – under five years of age – face malnourishment. These children are at a higher risk of death and long-term health impairments that will hinder their health in the future.

G7 and EU nations enforced sanctions on the Russian Federation. Hence, if they care little about the consequences of inflation and high energy costs on their people, you can imagine how they view the poor in the Global South.

You had no mass movement for international sanctions on America for Afghanistan, Iraq (lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction), Vietnam (Agent Orange), and other horrendous wars supported directly or by proxy on several continents.

Unlike India, which focuses on the bigger picture, Japan utilizes Ukraine because Kishida wants to militarize. Also, the leader of Japan merely pushes the policies of America.

India spoke for the international poor. However, Japan spoke for itself and the policies of America.

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