Japan and Political Stability: Rule Change to Enable Prime Minister Abe to Stay in Power for 9 Years

Japan and Political Stability: Rule Change to Enable Prime Minister Abe to Stay in Power for 9 Years

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan is intent on stabilizing the political ship in Japan because in the past political leaders ruled in the blink of a political eye. Indeed, Abe’s first term in the prime ministerial ship was ended by familiar timescales. However, irrespective if you support the ideas of the Abe cabinet, it is important for political stability when it comes to the international stage.

Abe received the internal rubber-stamp of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) that enacted the rule change. Hence, Abe can now rule from the limited six years to a more tolerable nine years that can enable genuine reforms to take place. Of course, the period of leadership can only materialize if elected through the democratic political channels of Japan.

In other words, if Abe obtains the political mandate, then he can lead Japan through to the period of 2021. Yet, in politics, a scandal could embroil that enables a groundswell of public opinion to boost opposition political parties.

Indeed, Abe is currently coming under pressure because of an alleged murky land deal. This equally applies to his wife given the nationalist nature of the school that it involves. However, it seems inconceivable that this will lead to his departure from office.

In saying this, it is a stark reminder to Abe that over-confidence can lead to ill judgment. After all, an internal challenge within the LDP could scupper Abe’s long-term vision for Japan. If this is to happen, then scandals and negative public opinion are areas that could undermine Abe’s 2021 ambition.

Abe said, “I will give you my word that I will do my best to create a Japan that can shine at the center of the global stage.”

Overall, the current leadership of Abe is impacting internationally because his name is known and the same applies to the ambitions that he holds. Therefore, political continuity is helping Japan to reach out internationally. At the same time, economic, military, political, and social reforms, all have the chance to be enacted.

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