Japan Art and Homage to Kitano Tsunetomi and My Facial Reflection

Japan Art and Homage to Kitano Tsunetomi and My Facial Reflection

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The contemporary artist Sawako Utsumi hails from northern Japan.

Her art is heavily influenced by European and Japanese art – and the faiths of Buddhism, Christianity, and Shinto. Also, she creates individual art pieces concerning landscapes, ideas, and various angles of faith. Numerology and religious connotations are equally subtle at times. 

The original art piece above is by Kitano Tsunetomi (1880-1947). Accordingly, Utsumi is paying homage to this printmaker who studied the intricacies of ukiyo-e under Nishida Suketaro.

Unlike the original by Kitano Tsunetomi, Sawako Utsumi utilized her facial features in her art piece titled “Homage to Kitano Tsunetomi and My Facial Reflection.”

Interestingly, the art piece by Sawako Utsumi depicts eyes that are closed and not open – unlike the original by Kitano Tsunetomi. This alludes to memories – for her art piece is a homage to this printmaker.

Kitano Tsunetomi also became acclaimed for his Nihonga art later in his life.

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