Japan art and Ohara Koson: Shinto Torii Gate and wildlife

Japan art and Ohara Koson: Shinto Torii Gate and wildlife

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Ohara Koson (1877-1945) is a highly acclaimed Kacho-ga artist. This refers to art themes focused on birds and flowers. However, he also produced stunning art of animals and several lovely landscapes.

In the first art piece, Koson fuses the indigenous faith of Japan, the beauty of nature, and deer. Hence, a stunning art piece featuring the Shinto Torii Gate, the still water, deer near the shoreline, and a lovely skyline.

The Shinto Torii Gate represents the border between the sacred worlds of Shinto – and the secular world. If several gates are in the same Shinto shrine, this denotes an even more profound sacredness.

Koson also used the names Ohara Hōson and Ohara Shōson. This is Similar to other artists in Japan. He studied under Suzuki Kason (1860–1919) during his informative years.

The Toledo Museum says, “Ohara Koson was a master of the kacho-ga print—images of the natural world, but particularly of birds and flowers… Koson’s aim was to balance a naturalistic portrayal of his subjects with a decorative sensibility—and a desire to convey the spirit of the birds he depicted.”

His depictions in this art piece highlight the delightful artistic touch of Koson.

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