Japan art and the snowman

Japan art and the snowman

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The first snowman in this article is by the esteemed Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). Hence, this delightful sketch by the internationally famous Hokusai is a real treat.

Individuals can imagine anything they desire. However, what is fascinating, the men appear to be entering their childhood by playing near the snowman. Therefore, despite being ill-dressed for the occasion, they are full of joy and entering the world of their childhood.

The art piece above is by Hitoshi Kiyohara (1896-1956). It is known that he studied under Nanpu Katayama and Fuko Matsumoto. Also, in the 1940s, he designed prints of children playing and enjoying life.

Both children have rosy cheeks from the wintery conditions. However, they look pleased with their hard work. The snowman almost appears to be looking back in equal admiration.

The final art piece by Shuntei Miyagawa (1873-1914) is more traditional. One child is on bamboo stilts and enjoying the covering of snow. Another friend is interacting with him. However, the other remaining child is enjoying the snowman.

Similar to the first art piece by Hokusai, the children seem ill-prepared for the wintery conditions. However, like the two adults playing near the snowman, the joy of snow overcomes practicality -irrespective of age!

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