Japan art and Tomioka Eisen: Meiji artist

Japan art and Tomioka Eisen: Meiji artist

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Tomioka Eisen was active during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). He was born in the late Edo Period and died relatively young.

Tomioka created book and newspaper illustrations- and did other angles to survive economically. The commercial angle of ukiyo-e was in sharp decline. Therefore, despite ukiyo-e receiving a temporary boost concerning Meiji war prints, Tomioka had to diversify his artistic talents.

Kobayashi Eitaku was an important artistic mentor for Tomioka. Hence, the world of nihonga art became known to Tomioka at a higher level. Therefore, the move from Nagano to Tokyo worked in his favor.

He was gradually reaching the height of his career and beginning to prosper when he suddenly died. Thus he couldn’t fulfill his artistic ambitions and dreams.

Overall, Tomioka isn’t the most famous of ukiyo-e Meiji printmakers. However, his art continues to attract people who are fascinated by the changing artistic times of the Meiji Period.

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