Japan Covid monthly deaths over 10,000: 50,000 deaths under Kishida

Japan Covid monthly deaths over 10,000: 50,000 deaths under Kishida

Michiyo Tanabe and Kanako Mita

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in Japan under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida – compared with the two previous leaders, Shinzo Abe and Yoshihide Suga, is a disaster – in terms of deaths and infections.

In the next 24/36 hours, over 50,000 people will have died from the coronavirus under Kishida. He took office in early October 2021. This contrasts with the 17,730 people who died under the administrations of Abe (brutally assassinated) and Suga.

Also, unlike Abe’s period and the early period under Suga, the vaccine program didn’t exist. However, Abe and Suga tried to put breaks on the coronavirus when infections were high. Yet, Kishida is solely focused on the economic angle and downlisting the classification of the coronavirus on par with the common flu virus.

Ironically, Kishida declassified the coronavirus despite the last two months witnessing the highest number of coronavirus deaths, with January 2023 reaching a new record.

Kyodo News reports, “Japan has decided to downgrade the legal status of the novel coronavirus in May to the same category as seasonal influenza and other common infectious diseases, a major shift that will lead to a normalization of social and economic activities in the country.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “More deaths from the coronavirus under Kishida in December 2022 and January 2023 than the entire period under Abe and Suga. Yet, little in the way of apologies or concern from Kishida. Instead, Kishida enjoys meeting world leaders and focusing on cutbacks and increasing taxes to achieve the doubling of the military budget.”

Japan is back to front under Kishida.

Hence, the Abe and Suga administrations were concerned when deaths and infections were much lower. However, indifference outside the vaccine program, when deaths keep on ticking at higher rates under Kishida.

The elderly angle is very concerning in Japan. Thus care workers are worried at nursing homes about the declassification of the coronavirus because local authorities are obliged to provide support under the current classification system. However, this is set to change.

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ World coronavirus statistics


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