Japan Killings Reach 4 in Nagano- Including 2 Police Officers

Japan Killings Reach 4 in Nagano – Including 2 Police Officers

Noriko Watanabe and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

Four people were killed in Nagano by the son of the head of a city assembly. The police have now apprehended the killer.

The killer, the eldest son of the Speaker of the City Assembly in Nakano (Nagano Prefecture), used a knife to kill a woman brutally. He then shot two police officers. Therefore, he was well-trained with hunting rifles.

Later on, an elderly lady was found unconscious. Sadly, she was also pronounced dead.

Kyodo News reports, “The suspect, wearing camouflage clothing, a hat, sunglasses and a mask, then grabbed the woman by the arm before stabbing her in the back with a blade that appeared to be around 30 centimeters long. He stabbed her again in the chest while she lay facing upward, according to the eyewitness.”

An inquiry will be needed concerning the deaths of both police officers. They were killed inside the police car. Therefore, it needs to be known if the police officers knew the killer had a hunting rifle: if so, why were they a sitting target (this is speculation – events still aren’t fully known) inside the police car.

The named officers killed are Yoshiki Tamai (inspector) and Takuo Ikeuchi (sergeant).

The killer barricaded himself inside his father’s home before being captured by the police.

Unlike America, where shootings are common – including mass shootings – firearm deaths are very low in Japan.

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