Kim Jong-un of North Korea deems America to be the main enemy: Japan and President Trump

Kim Jong-un of North Korea deems America to be the main enemy: Japan and President Trump

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

North Korea is making its posture known to Joe Biden, the President-elect of America. Of course, tensions between America and North Korea are decades old. Thus, irrespective of the rocky nature of relations between America and North Korea, it is essential for Japan to adopt a fresh approach.

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, deems America to be the “biggest enemy.” Similarly, endless administrations in America deem North Korea to be “a rogue nation.” Hence, propaganda goes in both directions. Therefore, possible thaws between both nations always fail.

In the administrations of George Bush junior, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama (Biden served in high office), and countless others, you had “humanitarian wars” and the open destabilization of nations including Syria under Obama. However, President Donald Trump was different because he didn’t start a new “humanitarian war.”

Of course, these “humanitarian wars” and destabilization policies under Bush junior, Clinton, Obama, and others, led to vast numbers being killed. Other brutal facts related to these wars include ethnic cleansing, slavery, religious cleansing, terrorism, mass immigration, and failed states where death and persecution continue today. This applies to the embattled Orthodox Christian Serbs in Kosovo to the Yazidis being enslaved in Iraq.

In other words, Trump may get horrendous press coverage – and individuals may hate his ideas and policies. Yet, it was the administrations of Bush junior, Clinton, and Obama that led to vast numbers of people being killed and uprooted.

The leader of North Korea stated that America is always the main threat. He said, “The biggest obstacle for our revolution and our biggest enemy… no matter who is in power, the true nature of its policy against North Korea will never change.”

The BBC reports, “In his latest address to the Workers’ Party – only the eighth congress in its history – Mr Kim said Pyongyang did not intend to use its nuclear weapons unless ‘hostile forces’ were planning to use them against North Korea first.”

Irrespective of tensions between America and North Korea, it is time for Japan to alter course. Hence, Japan should make overtures to North Korea based on genuine dialogue – if possible. After all, South Korea isn’t a trusted friend of Japan based on history being dragged up endlessly by South Korea.

Similarly, past history points to America intervening in countless nations. For example, from right-wing proxies in Nicaragua to Vietnam – to more recent wars in Iraq and Libya. Thus Japan should offer economic options concerning better relations and openly discussing the abduction issue with North Korea.

Of course, America will remain to be the most important ally of Japan for the foreseeable future. Yet, this shouldn’t come at a geopolitical price that is detrimental toward Japan. Therefore, Japan should try to reset relations with North Korea if possible.

Equally, Japan needs a fresh approach towards China and the Russian Federation. After all, Japan belongs to the geopolitical reality of Northeast Asia and not North America – or other intrigues emanating from Washington.

If a fresh approach isn’t taken, then the same past failures of trust in Northeast Asia will continue. Hence, is over 70 years of mistrust in the interest of Japan?

The issue isn’t Japan supporting the foreign policy objectives of China, North Korea, or the Russian Federation – nor the internal mechanisms of these nations; instead, the issue is the self-interests of Japan and seeking a middle course where possible.


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